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EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/20/14 11:08 A

Oh Prednisone!! I've been on it in the past at least once a year.

10 pound gain each round. Horrible.

And it's so funny. Someone actually here on SP basically said that that was impossible, lol.

So, I'm kinda really, really glad to hear from others that they, too have bad weight gain from that drug, because that person made me feel like I was either a) a liar....or b) insane.

FIREWORKS55 SparkPoints: (51)
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4/20/14 8:55 A

hey ali, I can relate to you about the prednisone. I was on it one summer cause I twisted my hip in the pool. I didn't like this drug as it gave me water retention. I gained 13 pounds. carbs are very hard to get off of. low carb dieting can be a bear but I think you should include a little bit of carbs. I trying to get off carbs and they are so addicting. right now I'm going thru a plateau and I've been not losing weight for weeks but I did manage to lose 45 pounds late last year and I'm really proud of that. I'll do my best to try to eat better to improve my health. well that's all I have to say. I hope that your weight loss endeavours pay off so have a wonderful day. see ya.

ALIUHOHS SparkPoints: (2,079)
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4/20/14 8:25 A

FIREWORKS55, I can understand your frustration. I have been on high dose prednisone for the better part of nine years. If you're not familiar with it, it's a steroid immune suppressant that causes massive weight gain and horrible carb cravings as a side effect. I've tried so many times to lose weight, but I always gave up because it felt so hopeless know this drug was fighting me all the way.

I recently found out that my blood sugar was super high and that I'm on the verge of becoming diabetic. It scared me to the point that I knew I had to make a change or I'd soon me injecting myself with insulin. About two weeks ago, I cleaned out the cupboards and went cold turkey. I vowed to only drink water and unsweetened ice tea, not to eat any sweets whatsoever, and that all my carbohydrates would have to come from things like vegetables, cottage cheese, and not bread and pasta. The first four days were horrible. I seriously felt like a drug addict going through detox. Headaches, nausea, intense cravings, and fatigue. On day 5 though... I felt like a whole new person. All my cravings for sweets and junk have ceased and the weight is slowly coming off.

This may sound lame, but what helped me the most was putting a list on the fridge of the reasons I was doing this to myself. I don't want to be labeled a diabetic, my husband and I want to have a baby, I want to be proud of my body, etc. Seeing that kept me motivated as did logging into my Spark food tracker at the end of each day and feeling accomplished that I managed to stay within my recommended ranges.

Stopping those cravings and cleaning up your diet can be done. It's going to be mentally and physically exhausting for the first few days, but it's worth it. YOU are worth it :)

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,275)
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4/19/14 11:06 P

I would keep it simple with small changes:
1. Unprocessed/whole nutrition (meats, fats, veggies, fruits, nuts/seeds)
2. Move as much as possible, as often as possible.
3. Sleep 8 hours/night, preferably sunset to sunrise.

LDFRANCO SparkPoints: (33,809)
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4/19/14 6:55 P

The best thing I ever did for myself was to get away from the "diet" idea of eliminating things from my diet and focused on adding to my diet. I started adding at least 1 serving of fruits or veggies to every meal I ate with a healthy protein, like a handful of raw or roasted (light salt) almonds or something. Strength training will also help by increasing your metabolism, helps with anxiety/depression, and will help you change your body composition by fat loss and muscle gain, regardless of weight loss. I lost 3 inches in my waist and hips in 6 months without losing any weight by changing that fat weight to muscle weight. I still enjoy foods I like but in moderation. Try it! Baby steps, just start with adding fresh fruit or veggies to each meal and your diet will gradually change :)

PJJJSAGE Posts: 104
4/19/14 5:21 P

I think it's important to start slow. There are plenty of articles on site to get you started with eating healthier. Just do what you can---imo, "diets" are simply too restrictive to deal with. Pick something to start with---say drinking 8 glasses of water a day---and when you're comfortable with that, move on to another.

As you're building these habits, the other thing is to remember that even if you're not losing weight, you're making a healthier you. That's the real goal.

4/19/14 12:48 P

Welcome to Sparkpeople.
I see that you have been a member for about 1 week; so you are just getting started.
What is your SP calorie range?
Have you started weighing and measuring all your foods and beverages?
Are you entering your food intake into the nutrition tracker?
This is a great place to start.

I know you are trying to eat healthier and remove the junk food, candy, sweets, unhealthy carbs, etc.

This can be very difficult. Take time to clean out your pantry, your kitchen, your work place---remove all these trigger foods. Realize that you may need to go "cold turkey" on these type foods for the next 2 weeks. At about day 3-5---you will probably have strong cravings. Try to have healthier foods on hand to munch on---fruits, veggies, lite popcorn, water, iced tea, hot coffee, etc. After about 10 days you will find that your cravings are much, much less.

Let's see what other members suggest.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/19/14 12:43 P

Well, everyone here is different, but I can tell you what I did.

I went on a form of low carb diet (it's called slow carb - which is essentially eating low GI foods).

Reducing my carb intake is what got me to stop carving carbs, sugar, junk food, etc.

I eliminated all processed food (junk food), frozen pizza, white rice, white breads - that kind of jazz. I get my carbs/sugars/ now mainly from veggies, fruits and legumes.

It took a little bit to get used to my new style of eating - it does not happen overnight. But now I crave an apple as a snack...not apple pie. I crave 3 pieces of low fat string cheese for dessert, not cheesecake. I crave a salad with a tuna pack for lunch, not a tuna hoagie.

I also don't keep junk food in the house. Simple. Since my house does not have doritos in it...I don't crave them. I don't crave ding-dongs (or whatever they are called) because they are not here - I don't see them when I open a cabinet, so I don't crave them.

Here is a great list of under 200 calorie snacks to fill your house with:

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FIREWORKS55 SparkPoints: (51)
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4/19/14 12:03 P

im so lost as to what to do in losing weight. I have tried so many diets its making me sick. if anybody out there knows how to lose weight without the cravings for junk food, candy, carbs then im all ears. I also take lithium which makes losing weight nearly impossible. how do I get away from what I normally eat to things that are healthy for your body. im in need of this forum's answers.

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