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1/2/13 6:02 P

I am 60. I began my weight loss journey last year weighing in a a whopping 325 lbs..I am human and not a perfect loser, eat real life food and stay away from fads, pills gimmicks and special health foods, but I' down to 240 lbs and continuing my journey into the New Year.

1/2/13 5:59 P

Well I'm only 50 but I know I can lose this weight and so can you!! I am currently at 237.2 and I am going to lose it!!!! This month I am just going to walk the dog, plus do 8 little strengthening exercises, not the same ones each day though. In February I'm going to start that C25K running thing. I can run maybe a minute or less...but ya gotta start somewhere.You CAN do this!! I promise! Just start taking little steps in the right direction and keep taking those little steps, by the end of this year, you will be AMAZED at what you've accomplished!!

1/2/13 5:34 P

is there anyone out there that has successfully had weight loss after sixty or sixty five. is it possible to loose a lot of weight after sixty would love to hear from someone that has done it. emoticon

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