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PUNKGIRL5003 Posts: 254
8/13/14 8:44 P

Thanks, and yes it does. I like all the groups they have, all of the information, the goal setting, keeping track of the cals and burned cals. It helps me to keep myself in check and im also a new leader in the 30s group losing 25 to 49 lbs and i love it because i get to motivate others and make sure i am a good example for them, which in turn also makes me keep myself in check and comming back to help them as well. :)

8/7/14 9:14 A

Wow - good for you and you are doing it the right way. I have been on sparkpeople about 2 months and I love it too - it helps a ton.

PUNKGIRL5003 Posts: 254
8/7/14 8:36 A

It most definitely is. Im glad i found this place, it motivates me to do better for myself everyday, and make better healthier choices.

PUNKGIRL5003 Posts: 254
8/7/14 8:34 A

Thank you :)

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8/7/14 8:33 A

Sounds like it's working for you! Congratulations!

PUNKGIRL5003 Posts: 254
8/7/14 8:32 A

Thank you :) this whole website is very motivating to me and is definitely helping me to my goals

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8/7/14 6:52 A

Well done!

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8/6/14 11:16 A

Congrats on your weight loss! Sounds like you are on the way to getting to your goals!

PUNKGIRL5003 Posts: 254
8/6/14 3:13 A

Well ive been here for almost a month and i have already went from 165lbs to 150lbs just by eating right logging in my food making sure i stay within the cal intake and exercising 5 times a week alternating between core and leg, arms and chest and high intensity interval training or hiit. I also drink a mixture of ginger and cinnamon tea every morning to cleanse my body of fat and toxins and make sure i eat a high protein breakfast and i eat it at every meal plus veges and a small amount of carbs.

This is definitely awesome and hope you enjoyed reading my post :)

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