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5/3/14 2:10 A

Thank you for your feed back on how it tracks. Helps a bit to know where to look for quick add. Mostly using Favs b/c most of what I freq. track is from food I've entered manually. I like using groups too. SP tracker is the best!

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4/30/14 10:58 P

As far as I can tell, they are listed chronologically...the first thing on my Recent list is the last thing on my nutrition tracker for the day, and it moves backwards through the day and into the next, starting with the last thing on the tracker and working towards the first, never repeating any item.

The only thing I use it for is when I forget to make something I've recently added to my tracker a Favourite. Then it's quite helpful for finding it again. Otherwise...yeah, not too useful.

MONTANA-PAM Posts: 399
4/30/14 9:23 P

The recents tab annoys me b/c it doesn't seem able to be edited.
-too long of list. I use groupings and all the ingredients seem to be listed
-some foods I don't want in there anymore. Carries over from forever?
-doesn't seem to be an organized list (i.e. alpha) makes it difficult to find anything or I don't know how to sort?

Perhaps I'm failing to see how it is an advantage? or not using it properly?
Thank you,

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