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7/30/13 9:50 A

I've sprained and broken both ankles more times than I can count, and each sprain took longer and longer to heal.

The last sprain I suffered was in 2011, 8 days before a marathon. I went to physiotherapy IMMEDIATELY, and healed sufficiently to run the marathon completely pain free.

Physio is fabulous.

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7/30/13 9:41 A

It looks like it's unanimous, no weight bearing exercise or putting any stress on the ankle. Thank you all for chiming in and convincing me that what I've been doing is harmful to my ankle. Now I'm wondering if I'll EVER be healed enough to do the workouts I want to do...I guess time will tell, and in the meantime I'll just be thankful that I have the ability to walk, especially now that my grandchildren are here for a visit!

Thanks again, everyone!

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7/30/13 8:12 A

Once you sprain your ankle once, its much easier to re-sprain or even break it (even with proper rehab). Don't do any weight bearing exercises or really anything that might tax your balance until cleared by your doctor. Ankles are part of the system that helps us keep our balance on unstable ground so its important to keep them stable while they're healing.

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7/29/13 10:34 P

OUCH! I sprained my ankle once and mannnn did it hurt hope you feel better soon the time i sprained my ankle i was in grade 11 in gym class and it was a bad one i was running and a boy in my class fell down and fly across the floor and laided at my feet and i went to stop but instead my energy level at the moment hit me and i did a backwards flying flip in the air right over his head and thats how i sprained my does really hurt i remember i went from the school to the doctor and have to wear my boots all the rest of the day and for the afternoon i stayed in bed with my foot up then that night we went shopping its just a 2 way road but it painned so bad I spend 1/2 of the time shopping just going around the road!!! i sprained my right thumb 3 times and once had to learn how to write all over again-to this day i cant write like i used too!!!! anyways my point is i know how you feel but take it show on the ankle they do take awhile to heal but if you dont use them then you never will just take it slower then normal and listen to your body my thumb and ankle still get better at times and pains and mine was over 6-7 years ago!!! Everyone heals at different speeds so listen to ur body in the meanwhile keep safe!!!!!!! Good Luck

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7/29/13 10:09 P

First, you need to check with your doctor. Nasty sprains take a LONG time to heal... as in months, not weeks. Without that clearance to resume weight-bearing exercise, you shouldn't be doing so. Want to know what happens if you don't?

You get me. I lost my insurance after my nasty sprain, so I got no follow up care or advice. Now, three years later, my ankle swells randomly, I have re-sprained it twice, and I have to baby the thing or I hurt myself.

I would not do ANY weight bearing exercise until your doctor has cleared you, and then ask for a referral to a physical therapist for appropriate exercises to rebuild the strength in your ankle.

In the mean time

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7/29/13 8:45 P

I have a calcaneofibular ligament tear (sprained ankle) that occurred in early June, 2013. Immediately after the sprain, (after the initial 48 hours of rest and treatment) I found myself a bunch of seated chair exercises to do while waiting for my ankle to heal. Although I really did feel that I was getting a pretty good workout with those exercises, I yearned to be on my feet again because I had JUST gotten back on track, into the groove, etc. when I sprained my ankle on a hike. Afraid I would lose momentum and fall back into sludgeville, I may have rushed my decision to start back with the regular workouts I had been working my way toward doing when the injury interrupted my progress. My ankle WAS feeling quite a bit better, but then it started feeling quite a bit more painful again, so I have made the decision to go back to the seated exercises, for the most part.

Now to my question (finally!) - I'm wondering if it would hinder the healing of my ankle much more if I were to attempt to do some wall sits with bicep curls. Or just wall sits...or even just squats, for that matter. I know that it's important to keep my foot stable, but as long as my foot is flat on the floor, will my ankle still heal OK if I at least add some squats to my regimen? As i said, I'd really like to try some wall sits with dumbbell bicep curls, just because I'm not very good at them, but any type of squats would make me feel like I'm doing something more for my lower body.

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