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3/23/12 5:00 P

To quote my aunt: "Be inefficient."

Park far from the grocery store. Walk wherever you can, when you can. Take the long way when you're shopping. Walk on your lunch break.

Play Zombies, Run!

VPGIRL06 Posts: 942
3/23/12 4:07 P

10,000 steps =5 miles. Like the previous poster, adding on 10 minute walks here and there...after breakfast, dinner, and lunch will automatically equal 30 minutes. Walking on the phone, or setting your alarm on your phone every couple hours to get up and walk around the office for 5 minutes if you have a desk job will help!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
3/23/12 3:36 P

Walk whenever you can.

You can add little things in - like parking further away, taking stairs instead of elevators, and going for two walks instead of one if you need to both pee, and also return an item to another room.

But also, adding walking into your day will build up your steps rapidly. A 10 minute walk before breakfast and after dinner adds significant steps. If you can add a 30 minute walk to your day you'll get thousands of steps just from that.

KIMPH24 Posts: 20
3/23/12 3:14 P

how do you get 10,0000 steps in a day?

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