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9/19/13 12:38 P

You're welcome. I hope you can find someone you trust. I understand about the insurance and referrals. I have done searches and just asked my doctor to give me a referral when I found one I wanted to try :)

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9/19/13 12:36 P

My other doctor is an oncologist. (CLL) I went to a clinic the day after his appointment and did get my pneumonia shot and also my flu shot.
I am investigating where to go from here. Thanks. I am not sure I can even get into someone else specializing in asthma, due to insurances and referrals. I do appreciate the points of view expressed here, and I really will follow up at my next appointment or sooner if possible..

BLBST36 Posts: 351
9/19/13 11:55 A

My advice? Don't ask your PCP. If your other doctor is a pulminologist, they are going to know more. My doctor also says that a pneumonia shot is every 5 years. So, the office that recommends it to you, should be able to give you one or direct you somewhere else that wo\ill offer it.

Go with the doctor that is the specialist about your asthma. If the PCP asks, tell him the medicines you are on (definitely), then say that you have decided to let the specialist take care of your asthma. If he gets crabby or any other attitude, I would find another PCP.

Just so you know I am not just talking, I do have asthma. I was recommended meds by my PCP and my asthma doctor vehemently disagreed. I went with my asthma doctor and my PCP was fine with it and focused on other areas of my health. She still got updated with meds and how I was doing in general, but she didn't suggest any more asthma meds when I said I was going to let him handle it.

My bottom line opinion is to find a specialist for your asthma - especially since you are newly diagnosed - and let them help you along. I don't think "finding your way" is very helpful advice. Ideally, you shouldn't be taking the rescue inhaler daily. Your regular medicine should have your asthma under control with the rescue used for emergencies.

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9/19/13 11:32 A

Thanks. I know you are right about contacting the doctor. I guess I need to find a new one, as my PCP and another doctor I see for an unrelated condition do not agree about things. One doctor says I need a pneumonia vaccine every 5 years, the PCP won't give it to me an additional one, because he says it is a lifetime vaccine.
When reporting to one doctor about changes in meds, he commented one inhaler I take is for COPD, not usually asthma, and this doctor actually has asthma and questioned my rescue inhaler also. Why can't doctors get together and discuss things first, then suggest things to me? I don't know who to trust.
My PCP said I would figure things out as I went along, as long as I take every dose as directed on one inhaler, and only as needed up to 4 times daily on the rescue inhaler.

BLBST36 Posts: 351
9/19/13 10:51 A

This isn't the place to get advice on something that could potentially trigger a life threatening attack. Your doctor will know you the best. I have asthma and have consulted with my doctor on how I exercise. I always tend to exercise indoors, so what works for me may be different than you. What medicines I take could even exacerbate your situation.

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9/19/13 10:03 A

I'd agree that your best bet is to talk to your doctor about the best strategy for how to deal with your symptoms and if outdoor exercise is still an option for you.

Coach Jen

OAKDALE41 Posts: 973
9/19/13 9:03 A

You need to consult with your doctor about how the activity will affect your asthma. My son has exercise onset asthma and has worked with his doctor and personal trainers to set up a program that works for him.

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9/19/13 8:53 A

I have recently been diagnosed with asthma. I like to walk outside, but the pollens are problematic. Am I better moving to a different indoor workout, or using my inhaler and allergy meds to continue to be outside? I am not sure how much stress the inhaler/meds put on my body, vs the benefit of outdoor activity.

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