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7/19/10 11:49 A

Water aerobics is wonderful cardiovascular exercise. If that's something you enjoy doing, keep doing it.

As far as walking, it's not a surprize that you feel winded as well as pain when you're on land. When you're in the water, the water helps support your weight. It also helps to cushion your joints. You don't have that cushion when you walk on land.

One thing I'm going to recommend is that if you make sure you're wearing a good pair of walking shoes. Get fitted at a reputable walking/running store. wearing the right shoe while walking will help reduce some of that pain you're feeling.

Another thing is if you can only walk for ten minutes. That's all you do for now. there are members who could barely walk to one end of their block and back. that's where they started. This week you do ten minutes. Next week, maybe you try for 11 or 12 minutes.

If you continue to walk, with time and regular practice, your strength and endurance will increase. start with that ten minutes. As you lose weight, that will also take stress off your joints, making it easier to walk.

So, don't be afraid to take short walks. Stop when you need to stop. You will get stronger. Keep up your water aerobics. Not only is it a great workout, but it's a terrific way to reduce stress too.


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7/19/10 11:41 A

It's definitely time to up your exercise just a tad. Maybe you can add treading water to your routine or getting in and out of the pool 5-10 times. I'd also recommend what the previous poster said and start walking, even if it's just for five minutes.

What does your doctor say? What exercises does he recommend? Can you add physical therapy to your weekly schedule?

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7/19/10 1:25 A

If the aquasize feels so easy you could "go all day" then it's probably no longer challenging enough. Walking without the water to support the joints is obviously a challenge. While you work on that, can you adapt the water work any to make it more challenging? Going faster, or in shallower water, may help. Maybe you can wear foam water 'weights' while you do it? They'll increase the resistance the water provides, making it harder.

Anything you can do for 2-3 hours is "too easy" and isn't going to help you lose weight any more. You should challenge yourself for 30-60 minutes. If you can get above 60 minutes of anything without much difficulty, that thing is not providing sufficient challenge to help you lose weight and gain fitness any more.

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7/19/10 1:03 A

Okay I must admit that I have never had the problems that you do. That being said, I can offer a few suggestions. I would start out with just 5 minutes. Don't walk so much that you are killing with pain, but get some walking in. It will help you work up.

The reason that "land" walking seems so much harder is that you are getting the impact that the water keeps you from getting. But the more you keep at walking on land the easier it should get. That being said, if it continues to hurt try and journal about the pain, where it hurts, how it hurts, what makes it better, worse, ect. Then take that to your doctor and show him/her. Explain that you are TRYING to change your life, but this is something seriously hindering that effort. They may tell you that you need to lose weight, jerks! But that is what they do. I would also look into seeing a doctor that specializes in those with weight issues (not sure your size or anything, just assuming which is STUPID! but hopefully you understand what I am trying to say...) Geeze long winded tonight I guess.

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7/19/10 12:56 A

I swim/walk in the pool 4 or 5 times a week 2 to 3 hrs each time.I dont get out of breath, I dont get sore or tired! I love aquasizing!! I feel like I can go all day! emoticon . so I really dont understand, why Its SO EXTREMELY TIRING to walk for even 10 minutes!I end up in pain very quickly, and need to use those electrical carts while shopping emoticon
is the day ever going to come that I'll have the stamina I used to have ,and be able to walk around like before?Is the work im doing actually going to help me improve on land eventually? Has anyone here gone through what I am and have come out on the other side? I'd love to hear from you!

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