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1/29/13 5:15 P

I use walking as my exercise to loose weight. Since early Summer 2012 I have lost 56 pounds. My cardio is way better (in the athletic range), I had to drop the amount of thyroid meds and my cholesterol is now well within the 'normal' range (meds and cholesterol may be due more to weight loss, . . not the walking ;-).

I walk fast. When I started, I averaged 5.3 km/hour (3.29 miles / hour). Over a few months I increased that to 6.7 km/h (4.16 m/h). I also include hills into my walk. In a 7.6 km walk (4.7 miles) and have a 150 metre (492 ft) elevation gain.

I think that the hills and the pace make this into a natural interval training. I track my walks with a smart phone ( which estimates my calories and tracks the distance and time. For Christmas I got a heart rate monitor that will work with endomondo and it will very accurately record the actual calories (not an estimate that vary from program to program)

Remember to stretch after the walk ! !
I thought that instruction was for someone else and now I have Achilles Tendinitis. Very Painful and my walking program is on hold until at least March or April.

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1/29/13 2:21 P

I love the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs. Even when cold or wet outside I can still get a walk in.

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1/29/13 2:06 P


Here's a link to SparkPeople's Walking Guide, which should give you plenty of helpful tips:

Coach Jen

1/29/13 1:15 P

Walking is great exercise - just walk as briskly as you can but so that you can still talk while walking.

BTW on cold or rainy days, the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs are great. You can make it as high intensity as you can handle - she has modifications for if you are just starting.

1/29/13 1:06 P

I'm no expert, but I believe you're talking about intervals which have been known to increase your calorie burn after your workout is done...I think?

NSMANN Posts: 977
1/29/13 1:04 P

If you walk on a treadmill, experiment with increasing the incline. Use a heart rate monitor to check your heart rate, it should be about 150 for best aerobic benefit. I find I can get to this heart rate by walking on a 10% incline but your mileage may vary.

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1/29/13 12:52 P

what you do for exercise has very little to impact weight loss. You exercise for a healthy body, proper nutrition for weight loss.

1/29/13 12:43 P

Hello, :)

I'm starting a walking routine for weight loss. I wondered if experienced walkers had any suggestions.

A friend told me that if I vary my speed when walking (walk fast, then slow, then fast again), it will increase my weight loss. Is this something walkers have found to be successful? Are there other things I should do?

Thank you for your advice!

:) sunflower

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