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SAMJUL Posts: 439
5/23/13 12:38 P

Well for today I did 1.28 miles in 20 min so burning around 64 cal and I did the 11 min seated cardio that takes me to a total of 117 cal burned I have to burn 152 calories most days ..but I figure if I doi some squats and knee raises plus I usually clock over 7000 steps a day my goal is 10,000 a day but I am still trying to get there ..

Anyways every little thing helps .

Thanks so much I will try your suggestion for tomorrow .


SAMJUL Posts: 439
5/23/13 12:36 P

I will try that thanks.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,460
5/23/13 12:05 P

Clicking the "And back" button will retrace your entire route (ie. doubling the distance), rather than the shortest way home.

If you are snaking back of forth around a couple of blocks, you will need to trace the entire route. Some of these mapping programs don't like you placing 2 way points on top of each other (which sounds like it may be the problem?) - zooming in a bit more will allow you to place the markers seperately, without distorting the distance.

SAMJUL Posts: 439
5/23/13 9:47 A

Hi Everyone
I asked this on another board but maybe someone here can help as well... I am tracking my distance when walking at lunch time with the route tracker ...but my question is when I hit back this will retrace the route back to the beginning but I dont know how to continue my route from one end to the other for example ...I am walking around a block then tunring down and back up and then across but it doesnt calculate it correctly ...I just dont think I am getting the accurate cal burned .anyone can help me ...plz thanks.

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