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1/13/14 3:14 P

I happened to have a dr. appointment today because I have a surgery coming up and I needed to get all kinds of testing done for clearance, I just read all of the messages now, and it didn't even occur to me to ask the dr. to ask him to check my B12 levels also.
I kind of decided that I probably get enough B12 between my diet and my multivitamin. I figured that if I got sick from the B12 supplement then I wasn't deficient in B12.
Thank you everyone for all of your input. I think I am going to stay out of those vitamin stores from now on. They just want to sell stuff, and I think most of the products in those stores would probably do more harm than good.
Walmart has really cheap woman's multivitamins as does One-a-day and companies like that. They are cheaper and probably just as good.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,805
1/13/14 10:56 A

I take a supplement on the advice of both my gp and gyn as I have some tendencies toward deficiencies despite a fairly good diet. The normal vitamin pills hurt my stomach, but I've had luck with gummies - both for tolerance and getting my numbers up.

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1/13/14 8:55 A

Have variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, to ensure that you ingest high levels of B vitamins, iron and vitamin C. This is because vegetarians are prone to anemia as well as mineral/vitamin deficiency...Peanut Butter is a rich source of B vitamins. If you find yourself dipping into the jar often, it might be because you're under stress and your ordinary B intake has become insufficient.

Natural Sources of vitamin B-12 are milk, eggs, yogurt and hard cheeses, seafood, leafy green vegetables, whole grains such as oats, liver, lamb, turkey, sardines, mussels....

This vitamin contributes to having normal brain function and to the nervous system, helps to form red blood cells, and is important for the heart.

It is a popular belief that half of the diseases occur because of what you eat, and what you don’ can get B-12 from food you ingest.

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1/13/14 8:07 A

The clerk was so "out of place".
You even stated that you were on a Multi with 100% of B-12 being provided already.

This sales clerk gave you a diagnosis then a prescription without knowing anything about you. This would be illegal in many states.


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1/13/14 2:22 A

I can imagine how you must have felt, it happens that in the morning before I have breakfast and I drink my Vit B12 and B Complex that I might have some nausea and no I am not pregnant or planning to become anytime soon.
What I do do now and it seems to be working is taking my vitamins after my morning cup of coffee.
And then the occasional injection works wonders.
Anyway best of luck :-)

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1/13/14 1:09 A

Are you sure it was the B-12? It's water soluble, so your body doesn't really take in more than it can absorb. You would simply pass the rest if you're already getting the daily amount necessary.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
1/13/14 12:36 A

Do talk to your doctor, but as an ovo-lacto vegetarian rather than a vegan, you can get enough B-12 from your diet if you make all of your calories count. You won't have room for junk food, but if you eliminate all the empty calories and replace them with low-fat dairy or eggs, you should be okay. It looks like you eat a fair amount of prepared vegetarian things like Boca products; check the labels on those to see if they're fortified with B vitamins (they very often are.)

The clerk was kind of on the right general track; B-`12 is an important thing for vegetarians to watch, and vegans pretty much HAVE to supplement.It takes a long time for a deficiency to show up, but once it does, it makes you *extremely* sick. But just because some vegetarians need it, that doesn't mean you do.

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1/12/14 10:07 P

The sales assistants are generally just that - SALES, regardless of whether it is needed or not.

I am sorry that you had this experience, but perhaps, given that you are vegetarian particularly, you could make a point of talking with your Dr and getting bloods done to see if you are deficient in B12, etc. If you are, your Dr is the best one to prescribe the necessary nutrient - even the form. My stepfather has B12 injections every 2 months - my grandmother used to have them every 28 days.


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1/12/14 6:52 P

I would've returned it, too.
You didn't say the form of B12 you were taking -?- I don't tolerate the tablet form very well, either... but there's a sublingual, meaning you just let it dissolve under your tongue, and that doesn't bother me. In fact, B12 is better absorbed that way in any case.
Too bad you already threw the other away; I'll bet they'd have traded you (or discounted) for the alternate form.

Sorry you had a bad reaction to it!

1/12/14 6:41 P

I didn't even think of returning them :( I already threw away the supplements and recycled the bottle.

1/12/14 6:38 P

Sorry that you had to learn the hard way.
I wonder if you could get your money back since it is making you sick. I encourage you to talk to the manager and make a formal complaint.
Sales people are in a position to get you to buy.
If you want to find out if you really need a certain supplement---talk to your doctor.

It is well documented that supplements are rarely needed and most often a big rip-off.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

1/12/14 6:02 P

so I went into a vitamin store for vitamins and got sucked into buying B12 supplements. When I told him that I am vegetarian he said that I would need extra B12, more then what a normal multivitamin has.
My stomach was very upset today. I am sticking with my multivitamin from now on. It contains 100 percent of my daily B12 requirements according to the label. I bought woman's multivitamins.
Lesson learned was that when I go into a store with the intention to buy something, I shouldn't let a sales person convince me that I NEED to add another product to my list.

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