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7/7/13 8:22 A

if you want to do something for yourself, ignore his comments. If he continues to be degrading then you know what you have to do.

DASHKATH Posts: 862
7/7/13 6:18 A

with friends like that who needs enemies? try to spend more time and energy on those things in your life that bring you positivity and light. Life is too short to be surrounded with negativity.

LAZY_DAVE Posts: 21
7/7/13 12:52 A

Wow I'd say you need to find someone new. Someone more supportive and caring. It'd rather be alone than with someone that put me down all the time. Either that or have a very long and serous talk. Life's too short as it is don't let other people make you go through it unhappy.

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7/6/13 11:54 P

Hannibal, Mo just had their Hannibal Cannibal Race that they have every year. I remember last year telling myself that my goal was to do it this year. Well, that didn't happen nor am I remotely close to being able to compete even a 1 mile run. I started on the right foot then soon get discourged from the lack of support I get from my boyfriend (was fience) I'm not on here to complain about him again. I need help and ideas on how to stay motivated and ignore the negativity he brings into my life so I can stay on track and accomplish my goals. If I don't loose this weight I am headed to a diabetic nightmare. I just want to be healthy and active. He puts down every step I take toward helping myself achieve my goal, even reading blogs on this sight and calling it stupid sparkpeople!

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