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10/13/12 7:31 A

Really great responses.

Someone asked me the other day why I started (decided) to lose weight.

It was more because I decided to be healthy (sick and tired of being sick and tired).
The weight loss was a bonus.

If the items you have in your household are healthy; you'll make healthy choices without having to think about it.

If the cost of being unhealthy is something you're willing to endure, then, by all means - give up. The site will be here, occupied by those who didn't when you're ready to realize that anything in life takes work.

(I liked the job analogy - I, too, have days when I'd rather (insert whatever here) than go to work - but I NEED the pay). Fortunately, I do have some vacation time I can use, for days when I need a mental break. But that's not a permanent break - just a pause.

The same can be said for healthy lifestyle. There are days when you do excellently; you're motivated; you're "on fire". Other days, you're on auto pilot, or dragging along. That doesn't mean you've failed; it just means you're human.

10/13/12 1:09 A

PMD-- what you said when you started this topic is exactly what I said about 4 months ago. Truly, I get what you're saying!!! But I pushed on anyway because I have to. I have pcos, am pre-diabetic and don't want to go on meds. The thing is, I griped the whole way but after about 6 weeks I finally got into the groove of it. I felt so much better with the changes that I started feeling differently about the chore of eating right & exercising. Yeah, sometimes I still grumble but...there are days. Just do it anyway, push through, your feeling will catch up once you notice all the positive results.

You said:
guess I'm just not ready to accept and make the changes necessary to lead a "healthy life"
good luck to all that are ready

I say:

DO IT ANYWAY!!! we're right behind you! emoticon

JHISEROTE SparkPoints: (8,887)
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10/13/12 12:23 A

If all you do right now is cut out 1 thing in your diet that is high calorie, just do that! If all you do is 10 minutes of exercise and that is all you can handle, do that 10 minutes of exercise. If all you do is measure out what you eat to make sure it's one serving and not 5 servings, do that! You may not be losing weight at a high rate of speed by doing those little extra things but at least you are doing SOMETHING for your health! Think about this...if you are not ready to start but you do ONE thing, just ONE little are on your way! If you give up all together, you are probably going backwards and guess what..when you gain 20, 30, 50 more pounds, that is going to be that much harder for you to lose and take that much longer!
You say that you can't see the big picture...are you happy with yourself, do you like what you see in the mirror, do you mentally torture yourself everyday? Is that really how you want to live your life, unhappy? You don't have to be happy by changing every little unhealthy thing you do right now, you can be happy that you chose not to eat that cookie or you went for a walk instead of having a 2nd helping of dinner! You can be proud of yourself for every little thing you do to make your life healthier and happier! The big picture is very overwhelming and is probably a long ways off which make it seem unapproachable but can you see yourself taking one step towards that big picture? Because that one step is closer to the big picture than the step behind you! Don't give up, just choose one healthy thing today, right now...and then tomorrow choose another and so on and so forth! If you can't do it for yourself, do it for the ones who love you and want you to stick around longer!!! Keep going...YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

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10/12/12 9:26 P

My experience is to never ask the question if I am not ready for an honest answer...from his perspective.

The important take away is that you find your motivation within yourself.

We all need to eat, it is a matter of making healthy choices in the right proportions. Set yourself up for success and choose clean unprocessed food. emoticon

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10/12/12 9:21 P

Isn't alcohol hard on your stomach? I've had GERD issues in the past and I couldn't drink it. Wouldn't consider it.

As far as portion size you allude to - seriously make sure you are drinking all the water you should - usually 8 cups.

If your tummy is really bothering you, try 1/2 cup milk and a sheet or two of graham crackers dipped in it. If you need more, start with 1 cup and as many graham crackers as it takes. It shouldn't take more than 3 or 4 sheets if you are having a bad spell. My father-in-law and I both concur that this helps. He uses skim milk, I use 1%. Once your stomach feels better, you shouldn't need to down food in an attempt to medicate your pain. The grahams and milk coat your stomach and shield it from the acid. You might be surprised in the improvement in your symptoms.

If a lot of your social life revolves around drinking, as you implied, then find some different friends. Lilke friends that will help you. Do your friends support your efforts? If you start on the road to fitness, you'll find like-minded people who will make fast friends. Something to think about. I know it sounds harsh, but really they might be keeping you in a rut.

It may take you a while to come around to the thinking that you seem to want. Some people take years and numerous attempts before they find their way. I've even heard of 7 times, now they're doing great. Just because you can't do it now doesn't mean you won't later.

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10/12/12 9:10 P

Part of success is being patient and not giving up on yourself. If you have a bad day, there's always tomorrow. Pick yourself up and carry on.


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10/11/12 8:05 A

Thanks LMILTON67 - I've been thinking more about what everyone has said

I am 55 years old I feel like I have been "overweight" most of my life Believe it or not the only time I "did well" was when I was pregnant (I only gained 16 pounds with one and 18 with the other - I left the hospital less than before I was pregnant - and boy did I eat during pregnancy)
I am now 240 lbs. 5 ft 3 inches
the weight has just slowly crept on - i have never lost "significant amount of weight and then gained it back" There have been times I "tried to get healthy" and lost a few but,.....
My main problem is "motivation" I know it's suppose to be a "life long - healthy lifestyle" but I just don't see it????? Yeah I will look better in clothes, avoid diseases, feel better, live longer but......... none of that seems to motivate me They tell you to picture yourself thinner, more active, feeling good and to keep that thought instead of going for the food - I can't picture it I really can't!!!! I don't see myself as "thin and happy" I see my self as deprived and unhappy I just can't get my head wrapped around the "good" in losing weight
OK they tell you keep out snack foods and sweets - Well I could care less if there was 100 cookies or 100 bags of chips in front of me I am serious when I say I don't eat them Really I'm not lying to you or to myself!!! If there was leftover pizza or pasta well that's another thing
My biggest issues is "portions size" and I guess type of "food"
I have reflux/GERD - when I eat salad. fruits, vegetables it bothers me (the medicine for it caused me to have osteoporosis) so I have vegetables but it's with protein/starch
I try to do the plate thing - 1/2 vege 1/4 protein 1/4 starch rule and succeed sometimes but.......yesterday I ate almost the whole box of rice a roni and the day before ate3 slices of pizza and seriously didn't feel full
My other issue is alcohol - I am not an alcoholic - I don't drink every day but......
a lot of my social life revolves around drinking - Yeah I know "drink seltzer" "you are there to be with your friends not get drunk" but sorry I like to have a few beers or wine once a week but then I realize I just added 800+ calories to my day

Well I feel better writing this down Don't know if anyone has suggestions but thanks

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10/8/12 3:35 P

You can't let a setback throw you off the track for good. There's truth in the old saying about getting back up on that horse when it throws you. We are not perfect and can never hope to be, but we can be perfect in our perseverance and dedication to our way of life. Yes, it's hard to go from eating junk food to eating healthy. Part of my trick (and I'm not perfect, I quit eating healthy for about 3 weeks, went back to junk food and soda!), is that when I grocery shop once a week, I make sure I have mostly healthy snacks or ones that aren't so healthy with a full portion, but are ok on a small portion. Same with food, and I allow myself one or two "cheats" a week (such as my new found love for the Sugar Free Russell Stover candies). Baby steps are what you need, I agree with the previous post. But if you have to keep pushing on and not let one failure push you off track.

If you get discouraged, send me an email through spark people or a private message. I'll answer and give you support!


PMD199 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/7/12 6:19 P

guess I'm just not ready to accept and make the changes necessary to lead a "healthy life"
good luck to all that are ready

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,038
10/7/12 8:19 A

Loved the TOUGH LOVE message - it is true. My newest revelation is that we do NOT have the option of just quitting. What? Why not? Well, the reality is we start on our journey at BIRTH and end it at DEATH so anything short of dying means you ARE ON THE JOURNEY. You said you didn't want to THINK about what you eat and such - well, you DO continue to make choices about what you will and will not eat. Whether you are busy, stressed out, 2 years old, or 100, you DO MAKE CHOICES ABOUT WHAT YOU WILL EAT . . . AND whatever those choices are, you WILL live with the consequences of those choices.

When you are a baby and you don't wanna eat THAT, you may spit it out and if you do it too often you don't grow healthy and you can't do all the things your body is supposed to do. When you get older, when you don't THINK about your food choices, you may gain or lose weight or stay the same depending on your choices. When you are morbidly obese and a diabetic like I am, you will start seeing increasing healthy problems, aching knees, shortness of breath, and fatigue when you make poor choices. Dialysis and heart attacks, wheelchairs and blindness don't sound like consequences I WANT to live with in my future, but they are the REALITY of what NOT THINKING ABOUT WHAT I EAT AND THE EXERCISE I DO means for ME. What consequences are worth more to you than YOU are?

KAKONOLADY SparkPoints: (21,984)
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10/5/12 4:21 P

Baby steps!!!- You need to give up that all or nothing attitude --no matter what we have to think about what we are eating or if its healthy or not --even if you are at goal weight--it is important for health reasons not just asthetic ones!!! Exercise has become part of my workday routine!!!-If I am going to work that I go to workout before--anything extra for me is just bonus.. Also just give yourself a break but dont just throw in the towel!!!- If you want a darn brownie than eat it just dont eat it everyday !!!--You can do this!!! emoticon

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10/5/12 2:34 P

"I don't want to have to think so much about what I am eating and whether I am exercising enough"

Get ready for a little tough love your quote above, you are basically saying that you don't want to spend the time necessary to take care of yourself. Think of everything else you spend time and energy on. Think about your priorities, are you one of them? Are you worth 15 minutes a day of planning your meals? Are you worth 30 minutes of exercise?

I don't want to have to go to work everyday to get money either. I'd rather stay in bed and watch cartoons and have my company just mail me the check, but I know that in order to get paid I have go to work.

To reach your weight loss goals, you have to work too. That's just how it goes. It's not always fun, it can feel like a chore, but you're doing it for a reason. Never forget that reason and you'll make it to where you want to be.

Eyes on the prize!

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10/5/12 1:55 P

Try making the changes gradually. You are trying to make a lifestyle change, which means looking at a lifetime's worth of habits and deciding which to keep and which to abandon.

You don't have to do it all at once and you don't have to be perfect. Perfect is the enemy of good. Start small and swap out little things until that becomes a habit. Add an extra serving of vegetables, cut out sugared drinks, switch to baked or grilled rather than fried foods, etc. One thing at a time until it becomes natural to you then pick the next change. Hopefully, as you start to see and feel the benefits it'll become easier.

The only way to really fail is to give up.

ROXIGIRL SparkPoints: (89,223)
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10/5/12 10:21 A

If you don't have enough time to spend in your kitchen - may be try ready meals, Or if you can afford it there are different providers who would deliver meals for you.
I must admit, its not ideal but you need to find what will be best for you.

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10/5/12 9:07 A

I am just so frustrated with my self
Last weekend was just so busy I "didn't have time to think about what I was eating"
when I weighed myself for my weekly weigh in I gained 3 pounds
since then I have just "given up" AGAIN!!!!!

I just can't grasp the concept of "healthy" all the time - for the rest of your life - whether you are busy or ...........

I don't want to have to think so much about what I am eating and whether I am exercising enough

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