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8/20/13 9:56 P

wow, that's a lot!

8/20/13 8:20 P

I will concur with Erica, your exercise programme is out of balance, you are neglecting the largest and most powerful muscle groups for small muscle group isolation exercises. Doing the Bowflex and the pushup work is redundant to a degree with the pushups the most beneficial exercise, working more muscle groups and your core. To gain major benefit from the situp challenge do Janda situps to work the abs and not the hip flexors.

Final note what you will build with the challenges is endurance not strength. Nice personal goal of course but not of major benefit for overall fitness in the long run.

ERICADURR Posts: 243
8/20/13 5:42 P

Agreed with Coach Denise, and also recommend you start training other muscle groups. You're missing large muscle groups, as well as the other stabilizing core muscles like your back. I recommend you adding leg workouts in there, along with some back, some obliques, some shoulder, etc. Good luck.

BIGUMS1 Posts: 2
8/20/13 4:55 P

Thank you for the reply Coach Denise, I appreciate the feedback!

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8/20/13 2:25 P

Since you are working your arms and chest on M W F, it would be better for you to add your pushups to those days so that you have a rest day between. Adding it to T T S would not allow those muscles to get a rest day. Adding it to the same day that you are working your arms and chest would be more ideal so that they have the time to rest, but with that you may want to consider doing whichever exercise first that is your bigger priority. If the pushup challenge is a bigger priority for you, then you will want to do those first, if your bowflex exercises are more important to you, then you will want to do those first.

Coach Denise

BIGUMS1 Posts: 2
8/19/13 9:55 P

Evening all,

I have been walking a lot and exercising more lately. My questions is about the 100 pushup challenge. I do 3 days of bowflex arm/chest exercises and 3 days of the 200 situps challenges. The 100 pushups website says to rest a day between workouts. I currently walk 4miles(minimum) daily and then m-w-f use the bowflex and t-t-s do the situps. Given my present routine am I OK to ad the pushups on t-t-s?

Thanks - Brad

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