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12/5/13 6:31 P

I hear ya russell. Bday cake is bad but how often do ya have it? then again, in my family, we have a lot of bdays. but you can still have a small peice or have the ice cream and not the cake. My dad just had his bday and the cake... it seemed so sinful. I had a little piece but it was so rich.
When I asked my question it wasnt specfically to just goldfish or peanut butter it was to people and things they have questioned. Like remember so many years ago, they said eggs were bad for us and no... now they are ok. its like ok what changed? I hear pb has high fat and high sugar but then I hear its great protein. I heard goldfish were ok but in small amounts. but i looked at the tracker and clicked one serving and almost had a heart attack it said something like 55 pieces!! Well I know I wont eat 55 pieces. My downfall is peanut butter though. I love peanut butter I love ritz crackers (goldfish i just threw out there). but I love garlic triscuits too.
Eggs werent good... coffee wasnt good and my doc says there are a ton of health benefits to coffee. Red meat isnt suppose to be good for you...neither is pasta. As soon as I can read that something is bad i can read something saying the contrary. It gets confusing..its like ok, do I or dont I eat it?

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12/1/13 2:14 A

Personally, I would say that the peanut butter is healthy. Of course what kind you get matters how healthy obviously. My biggest concern is sodium, so I get the low sodium JIF, and since I don't eat it very often, this isn't a problem.

I think the Goldfish crackers are junk. However, if ice cream can fit into a diet, I am sure you can fit a few of these crackers in. You might want to eat a healthier form of food, or cracker, but we all have times when we eat a less than healthy food, and if your choice is Goldfish crackers, just make sure you stick to the amount you planned on your trackers.

It is more important to ask... how good or bad? and how often you plan to eat the " bad " foods. Birthday cake is bad, but having it once a year won't be a problem. Having a cake a day

11/29/13 8:52 A

good stuff - but grind it yourself

11/29/13 8:52 A

good stuff - but grind it yourself

11/29/13 8:51 A

good stuff - but grind it yourself

11/29/13 8:50 A

good stuff - but grind it yourself

11/29/13 8:50 A

good stuff - but grind it yourself

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11/29/13 8:40 A

I agree that peanut butter can be a good choice. It's healthy fat and your body does need fat to do things like process fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin D.

Goldfish. They are a processed snack. In moderation and as a treat, sure. Personally, I don't keep them in my house because I could eat the whole bag without thinking.

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11/28/13 11:37 P

Peanut butter--the natural kind, with no sugar, just peanuts and salt (some might say just peanuts, but I prefer a little salt in mine)--is healthy. Good fats, lots of protein. High in calories, yes, but that just means you should be mindful of portion size.

Goldfish crackers are highly processed junk food. Better for you than, say, a box of Oreos, but if you're wanting crackers, there are better options out there.

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11/28/13 11:31 P

For me goldfish crackers are bad because once I have a bit I want to eat a lot of one of those giant containers. They are high in sodium and don't provide much benefit.

I think peanut butter can be part of a healthy diet. You shouldn't eat a whole jar at once but a spoonful is fine.

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11/28/13 6:50 P

Fat isn't necessarily bad for you, it's just calorie dense. Peanuts (any nuts) are high in unsaturated fats (heart healthy fats) which are good for you. Peanut butter isn't high in sugar, it has 1g per serving.

BUT... as Bunnykicks pointed out the type of peanut butter matters. That regular smooth type most people buy has a laundry list of ingredients aside from just roasted peanuts which includes hydrogenated oils (ie; trans fats). Natural peanut butter (the kind you have to stir up) contains only roasted peanuts and sometimes added sodium but you can get no salt added. I love peanut butter too and eat about 3 tbsp. a day. In my opinion, natural peanut butter tastes WAY better than the regular-type. Far more nutty, probably because it isn't boggled down with additives.

Goldfish crackers are low in fiber and low in nutrients, like most crackers. You're always better off to get your carbs from whole grain and fiber-rich sources. Crackers are also infamous for containing hydrogenated oils and preservatives so make sure to read the ingredients.

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11/28/13 6:34 P

Peanut butter IS high fat. But it also has lots of protein and other good nutrition. So as long as you are mindful of your serving size, it's a perfectly good, fine food. HOWEVER, be aware that not all peanut butters are created equally - some really do have a lot of added sugar and other things that really don't belong in peanut butter. So read the label - the ingredients should be "peanuts" or "peanuts; salt." Period. No sugar, no canola oil, no preservatives. Then you know you've got a good brand.

Goldfish crackers, oh. Those really aren't much better than chips.

1 ounce Goldfish = 127 calories, 4.5 grams fat, 18 carbs, 227 sodium.
1 ounce Doritos = 140 calories, 8 grams fat, 16 carbs, 210 sodium.

Not much difference.

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11/28/13 6:18 P

Well i hear peanut butter is high in fat andi i hear the contrary i hear its high in sugar. Then i hear eat this one or that one. I love peanut butter but after all iread im left feeling ok is it good or bad? gold fish... i hear alot of mixed things.... its still better than a handful of chips i would think. yeah they may not be that great its carbs, but, not greasey saturated in fat carbs thats gonna go right to the hips...

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11/28/13 6:12 P

I like all natural nut/seed butter for providing healthy fats and some protein.
Goldfish are relative. If my blood-sugar was dangerously low and they were the only thing available, I would use them to fuel my journey towards getting something more nutritious.

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11/28/13 5:53 P

I did this topic for all us with those spur of the moment questions of good or bad? the ones you hear mixed reviews on

goldfish crackers?
peanut butter?

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