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1/15/12 4:05 P

Ever go to an urologist? I spent lots of my life at one and so know what he told me.

Water is best to drink but

any liquid is ok too your body needs fluids so drink any rather than none.

Of course sugar in liquids or added items can harm us if in excess.

Main thing is we need water or liquids of some type.

Chose one you like and drink it

I gave up tea so i am on coke 0 had at a Christmas party and i like it altho i do not like

sugarfree things much. If it get few lbs off me i am ok with it for awhile.

Tried krystal light and it was great till one day i drank water instead of it and then krystal

light was so nasty to me i had to give it up.

Make tea and put some orange juice or slices of oranges in the tea

this is good and helps on less or no sugar. emoticon

ARKCMOM Posts: 2,745
1/15/12 1:41 P

There are herbal teas without caffeine-- I LOVE peppermint tea--refreshing, and works well for me --I don't add sugar to any teas..don't like "sweet tea". Even regular ice tea--no sugar, but I do like a squirt of lemon

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1/13/12 7:35 A

I always - well, since I was 11 years old - drank my tea black and without sugar, finding it much more refreshing that way. Drinking black tea weak means you don't get that bitter taste strong tea can have. Recently I began to drink Redbush tea. This is naturally without caffeine and so is very good at hydrating. If you like its earthy taste it can be a great drink! emoticon

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1/13/12 1:45 A

Water is the best! You're at a place where you're not chained to an addictive product when you lay off the caffine.
I just began drinking all of my hot tea (green, herbal, black) w/o sugar mid December. Honey has too much of a wild taste in those those teas, for me.

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1/12/12 6:49 A

from what i understand caffeine slow down taking off weight but hey it is much better then water

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1/11/12 9:49 P

I have heard that drinking caffeinated beverages are not equal to drinking water. The beverage has to be decaffeinated. I am not sure what the difference is. Maybe someone on here can explain what the caffeine has to do with it.

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1/11/12 7:50 A

ok here is the next question how many calories would u say if i add 1/2 cup of sugar to a gallon of tea would be in a glass

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1/10/12 12:24 P

thanks for the help

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,544
1/10/12 11:45 A

Basically, your body can extract and use the water from anything that has water in it (including solid foods) to meet your water needs. So, the question is not really whether something other than plain water "counts" as water, but rather, whether the other stuff that comes with it makes it a good choice for your needs and goals.

Some beverages, such as those with high caffeine or alcohol content (both diuretics), may also increase the amount of water your body eliminates without using, so that needs to be taken into account. Some beverages provide "empty" calories (added sugar) that need to be counted, and some provided needed nutrients. Others such as Crystal Lite use artificial sweeteners to provide flavor without calories, which appears to be safe in moderation, but could potentially cause problems if used excessively.

Here's an article from our SP Dietitian, Becky, with more info:

Healthy Beverage Guidelines .

Hope this helps!

Coach Denie

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
1/10/12 11:30 A

I think most nutritionists do not consider tea a substitute for water because of the caffeine which makes it act as a diuretic. Personally, I count it towards my water total because it is a fluid. I just don't count it as a full cup. If you want to up the flavor without upping calories, try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice (to either your tea or water). It's good and good for you!

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1/10/12 9:01 A

ok is tea the same as drinking water or do i need water also i dont like the taste of water and ideas course to be honest i dont like tea with out sugar either but i am drinking it

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