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5/1/11 5:47 P

Definitely eat at least 1200 calories. I sabotaged my weight loss a couple years ago, by consuming 1000-1200 calories a day. Once I started to eat again, per sparks guidelines, I actually started to lose weight, and that wasn't with much exercise, just some walking.

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5/1/11 5:25 P


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5/1/11 12:39 P

you're welcome:) good luck on your weight loss journey :) that's good to hear that your'e starting to become active again :)

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4/29/11 2:28 P

Thanks for the input. I am trying to adjust and increase my calories up to 1200. Not hard to do! I hope to be able to start swimming soon and I am thinking about seeing an occupational therapist for my knees. This is the first time I have had problems and they are killing me.

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4/29/11 7:03 A

Please note that weight loss is a slow process as your body needs to adjust and adopt to the physical and metabolic changes that are occurring in concurrence to changes in your dietary intake. Thus, it is advisable to make gradual adjustments to your food consumption since your body takes time to adjust, an example for this would be first limiting your white bread consumption. If you're used to eating 2 slices of white bread a day, you may start reducing your consumption into a slice and a half during the first week, then proceeding to a slice and a quarter on the following week,on the third week, you can just eat a slice of bread, then proceeding to half a slice and so on.
On the other hand, if you intend to reduce your caloric consumption, make sure that you have consulted your doctor or dietitian as they can help you determine your daily caloric requirement as well as help you create a meal plan suited to your metabolic needs.

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4/28/11 4:37 P

Get your BMR, how many calories you burn by doing absolutely nothing. Then adjust on that number. Just google BMR and it'll come up

4/28/11 3:25 P

1-2 pounds is probably unrealistic since you can't exercise.
Aim for 1/2 to 1 pound lost weekly. Begin with about 1200-1300 calories daily....and see how you do on this range.
dietitian Becky

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4/28/11 3:16 P

I would really try to stick to getting the recommended calorie intake. Long term effects of this could be dangerous. Those who try to lose weight by simply not eating enough tend to end up gaining even more weight when they start eating enough because the body is going to store it up for the next starvation or deprivation of enough nutrients. And life sure is not fun when you are counting every single calorie... I try not to obsess about my calorie intake as much because I tend to get depressed about it. Occasionally I go over, and but I just remind myself nobody is perfect.

Will your doctor allow you to walk? I also have arthritis. In my foot, ankle, knees, and tailbone. I was told by my doctor and physical therapist walking is actually the best treatment and way to manage it. The more I gained, and less I was walking, I noticed I was in pain more and more often. I would try very light casual walking.

You can do little things like park a few rows back at the store, take a morning/evening walk around the block. Exercise doesn't always have to be sweat burning high impact high cardio. Making small changes can make a big difference.

4/28/11 2:17 P

Probably. I'm no expert but I just went to a dietician yesterday with my weeks of food tracking and she told me I was starving myself. And that's why I wasn't losing weight.

Starving myself! I was tired, but never hungry at about 1,200 to 1,300 calories a day. So now I'm up t 1,800 cals exercising 60 minutes a day.

I know you said you can't exercise, but I'd suggest talking to a professional about your activity level and what your calorie intake should be. Rather than guessing.

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4/28/11 2:13 P

I just decided to be kind to my arthritic knees and loose weight. Since I can't exercise right now (per doctor's orders), I am trying soooo hard to watch calories. So far this week, I am consuming around 1100 calories each day. I would like to begin with losing 20 pounds at a 1-2 pound a week rate. I am sabotaging myself by not eating enough calories? I feel fine, am not too cranky, and not light-headed or anything.

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