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6/8/13 10:30 P

Crystal lite and flavored waters are not a good answer. Artificial sweeteners have been linked to obesity and there is no reason young children should be filled with so many chemicals.
Why not just water? Or water with slices of fresh orange; then she can eat the orange slices.

Keep offering water. It takes a little time to get used to not drinking the syrupy stuff. But she will learn to enjoy water if you don't give her the option of sodas and juice drinks.

KERMIE1975 Posts: 1
6/6/13 4:52 P

And I would suggest (to the to the posters) no more "low fat" and "sugar free" items. The low fat items are full of sugar and the sugar free are full of artificial sweetners that are not very good for a 2 year old.

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5/30/13 7:16 P

I'm a family nurse practitioner, and the statistics out right now on juvenile obesity and the sharp increase of juvenile Type 2 diabetes (the kind only adults used to get) are VERY ALARMING. Obese children (without intervention) make obese adults. Our core beliefs about food start when we are learning to eat.

Not all "healthy foods" are low in calories, and too much of anything is not good. Another alarming fact is that most parents either severely underestimate or do not see where their overweight/obese child has or is developing a weight problem. Love is blind. That is well documented in the academic literature available.

As a society, we need to stop incriminating healthcare providers for expressing their concern (sometimes by putting the numbers on the table and laying out the facts) about weight. The provider should be checking some labwork and making sure there is not an underlying reason why children are overweight.

Children are our future. As a society, we need to take juvenile obesity and Type 2 Diabetes seriously. Children who develop Type 2 diabetes are more likely to have more severe disease and the microvascular complications (kidney failure, blindness, neuropathy, etc). That's a lot of young people with some SERIOUS health problems in the next 15-20 years.

To the original person who commented. I know it's hard to hear someone else tell you your sweet baby might be developing a weight problem, but be thankful your provider is not afraid to address that issue with you. So many won't due to catching so much flack from the child's family.

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5/22/13 10:20 A

Oh boy this is a page right out of my book with my older son. At 2 I brought him in for a WIC visit and was told he was obese. The lady (who by the way was at least 350lbs herself) started lecturing me about it and ask what I needed to do to get his weight down. I informed her that we eat very healthy in my house. Weight loss has been a struggle for me since childhood so everything in the house is low fat, sugar free, whole wheat, ect. We also eat a lot of fresh vegetables. So here she is, looking at me weird because I'm not the fruit roll up, soda chugging mom she must have thought I was. I explained to her that my child was fine and that he trims up in the summer. I think everyone gains a little weight in the winter from lack of activity. I understand that doctors are taking obesity more seriously with kids and that's great but I think they could go about it in a different way.

One of the drinks I give the kids is half water and half apple juice or the sugar free MIO flavors. My youngest loves flavored sparkling water!

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5/20/13 4:18 P

You may also try Crystal Lite to get her to start drinking water and then slow decrease the amount of flavoring you put in the water until it is just water that she is drinking that is what I did with my girls and the love water now, many time that is what they prefer to drink. They are 11,8, and 5. You may also want to get a water filter of a pitcher with a filter. Take her with you let her help you pick it out and maybe if she feels involved she will want to drink it. Good Luck

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5/19/13 3:47 P

thanks everyone for your help!Yes it made me sad the doctor said that:( Sry it took me so long to reply. I talked with her grandparents and so did her dad. We were kind but firm. We bought her snacks and food we want her to have and gave it to them. They are very active with her so hopefully that along with the healthy food will help!

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5/10/13 11:16 A

That is horrible that the Dr. said that. I know they need to be concerned at some point, but at 2!!!! And I have heard that a lot of parents and maybe even grandparents see their child as being a good weight but are in fact over weight. So they are making sure to bring it up to parents at an earlier age to make them aware that there could be an issue.

I used to give my kids 100% fruit juice to help get in some fruits in their diet. But realized how much sugar was even in that per day. So we switched to the Nestle pure life splash flavored waters! (I recycle all my plastic bottles) They love these. You can also try and flavor your own water with fruit slices.

It's hard to control things your kids eat when they are not with you. SO do your best that you can when she is back home. And if they can't be active with her, then try and make an effort that you can when you are together.


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5/9/13 7:30 A

I agree with the previous poster-take the grandparents with you to the next appointment. O find articles on line to support your concerns and show them to the grandparents.

Make sure the grandparents know what a accurate portion for a two year old is. You don't want her to associate the treats with love and attention. She may be eating too many snacks, (I am surprised when I read the calories on some snacks when I am packing my kids' lunches) and then being served large portions at meals, all adding up to excess calories.

If there is a weight issue developing, I think it is best to address it now.

Try not to let your daughter hear negative comments about her situation so it doesn't effect her self image as she gets older. emoticon

Good luck.

2UNHEALTHY Posts: 2,231
5/9/13 3:31 A

You need to take her grandparents to your next Dr. appointment so they can get the lecture from the Dr. Set limits and reinforce that your daughter will still love them if they don't let her binge on junk and if they don't follow you limits then don't let them mind her anymore. And perhaps they could get outside and be active with her so she can burn off all the stuff they let her have in excess.

And for the record unless your daughter is under 35 inches and over 40 lbs how dare any Dr. call her obese...I despise the word obese and really find it difficult to believe any child could be classified as such until reaching puberty when the body undergoes serious changes in size and shape.

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5/8/13 3:37 P

I took my two year old to the doctor and they said she is obese:( We serisouly dont eat allot of fast food and she eats her veggies very well. They said I give her to much sugary drinks but really her grandparents watch her while I'm at school and they wont listen to me. They let her eat anything she wants and however much she wants of it. She also refuses to drink water. Can I get some help please???

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