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6/12/13 9:36 A

It basically has the flavor of bland bacon with most of the same fat and protein of regular bacon. It amazes me that it has more salt than regular bacon, since it sure doesn't show up in added flavor.

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6/12/13 9:33 A

It is basically turkey meat processed to be in the shape of American bacon with some of the smokey flavor added by some magical modern chemistry means.

The judgement here is that regular bacon is unhealthy and that making a salty, fatty meat substance out of turkey would make it somehow healthier. I would go with the natural stuff, myself and stick with yummy, slimming, bacon. If I eat meat (fatty meat, especially) I eat way fewer calories in a day and have way better blood cholesterol numbers, blood pressure and weight than when I avoid fatty meats. But that is just me.

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6/12/13 9:24 A

Turkey bacon is a marketing ploy to make people think they are eating something healthier than bacon. IMO neither is particularly healthy.

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6/12/13 9:23 A

I get mine in Tesco's but I can't remember who's it is

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6/12/13 7:48 A

I like Oscar meyer best.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 66,003
6/12/13 7:30 A

It's very debatable whether turkey bacon is healthier than regular bacon. The sodium in turkey bacon is usually a lot higher than regular bacon (which is high to begin with). Anyone who thinks it's a better choice might want to check the labels before deciding to buy.

Coach Jen

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,319
6/12/13 7:18 A

IMHO, while turkey bacon (or turkey pepperoni etc) is the meat of turkey processed in such a way as to resemble regular bacon or whatever-- it does NOT taste "just like the original bacon". It is indeed similar, but most definitely not the same. It has less calories and fat. To me, it has a weird "wang" to it, probably due to whatever chemicals and flavorings they add, to try to make it taste "right" and have the correct "mouth feel" of whatever they're imitating.

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6/12/13 6:45 A

I haven't had Turkey Bacon (don't know if we can get it in NZ) but I have had Chicken Bacon, and Mutton Bacon. It is the meat, cured like pork is and tastes just like the original bacon. It would be loads lighter in calories than bacon from pigs.


ANGEL1241 Posts: 1
6/12/13 6:19 A

what is turkey bacon? I'm English and living in France and have never heard of it.

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