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3/6/12 7:52 A

I thought it was turkey bacon but when u look it up it has so much sodium and other junk in it eat turkey sausages instead they are better for u

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3/6/12 4:52 A

thanks for the info

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
3/5/12 11:27 A

Turkey bacon often contains more sodium than its pork counterpart. Read labels and choose leaner cuts of bacon for the best balance between sodium, fat, and overall calories.

Nutrition facts
Turkey bacon (1 ounce,
3.5 slices, or 28 grams) 107 calories, 7.8 grams of fat and 640 mg sodium

Canadian bacon (1 ounce,
1.25 slices, or 28 grams) 52 calories, 2.4 grams of fat and 433 mg of sodium

So Canadian bacon is the better choice between these two.

Best and Worst Meat Choices
How to Spot the Healthiest Cuts

Coach Tanya

HONEYBROWN1976 Posts: 26
3/4/12 5:11 P

I'd take the Canadian bacon.

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,360
3/4/12 4:58 P

its turkey bacon for me., all the way.

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3/4/12 11:32 A

I recall these two being stacked up against each other before and canadian bacon turning out to be the "better choice." Being someone who doesn't consume pork, I'd go with turkey bacon every time though.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/3/12 8:26 P

Lots of different ways to judge that.. calories, sodium, or fat.

My guess would be the turkey bacon, but looking it up on your nutrition page should help you.

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3/3/12 8:16 P

i was jus wondering which is healthier, turkey bacon or canadian bacon?

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