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KASTRA Posts: 369
7/23/14 3:38 P

Judy, small children are one thing - to a point - but he's a grown man. If you've tried planning meals with him and getting a bit of cooperation... If he doesn't like what you're making, I'm sure he knows where the kitchen is located. Once he realizes it's not realistic to cook multiple meals for just two people, maybe he'll get a bit more adventurous to save himself the effort of making another meal.

RENLLY SparkPoints: (37,296)
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7/23/14 12:52 P

Sounds like you need to sit down with your husband and plan the meals together. Maybe see if he is open to trying one new thing a week.

DRYADSARAH SparkPoints: (194)
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7/23/14 12:34 P

Shame on his mom then, for spoiling him! Maybe you can help convince him to try new things. If he picks out the recipe, he might be more open to try it.

MARTHA324 Posts: 6,069
7/23/14 11:32 A

I like to cook too and cook for two so i tend to make a lot of meals for 4 that can be brought to lunch or leftovers for dinner. I plan most of my meals by looking through cookbooks or online food sites. Will see something that sounds good and healthy and work from there.

My lunches are pretty easy because I make sure I have a lot of greens and veggies and combine that with protein and whole grains for daily salads. Breakfast tends to be either cereal/yogurt/fruit or English muffin/protein/fruit. Dinners are easier in the winter as I use the crockpot to make a big soup or stew.

Right now my meals sort of plan themselves because I'm in a CSA and get a weekly helping of greens, veggies and herbs. Plan my dinners around that.

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (30,944)
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7/23/14 11:02 A

that is my downfall I need to get motivated on this, my husband only eats certain foods & plain as ever,That is why I do not like to cook,but do so every day. His Mom use to make 2 separate meals one for the family and one for him.

DRYADSARAH SparkPoints: (194)
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7/22/14 8:41 P

On Sunday, my husband and I (sometimes with actual helpful input from the kids) will sit down and make our meal plan. I need variety, so I try to make sure that each meal isn't chicken, for example. However, I also plan on leftover days or meals where leftovers morph into something else. For example, one turkey can feed us for a week.

Day 1: Turkey dinner
Day 2: Leftovers
Day 3: Leftovers
Day 4: Turkey Casserole
Day 5: Leftovers
Day 6: Turkey Soup (I make the stock on Day 1 or Day 2)
Day 7: Leftovers
Day 8: Heaven help me, I need something that is not poultry!

Every two to three weeks, our meal plans revolve around the ingredients we need to use up in the fridge. Coupons are not very useful where I live, but I do try to go to the day before I go shopping. Before I go to Safeway, though, I go to a meat market, a bulk foods store, and a farm stand. I only buy something at Safeway if I can't find it at one of the other stops.

KASTRA Posts: 369
7/22/14 8:18 P

Each Thursday night or Friday during my lunch break, I surf the store sale ads and put together 14 meals based on what's on sale. From there, I make my list of the other extras needed to make that meal that are not already stocked enough to get to the next two weeks. Then I fill in the veggies, fruits, and snack items. Add some items for breakfasts and weekend lunches (we also typically take dinner leftovers for work lunches) and I'm set.

From there...I just print the list, stick it on the fridge, and glance at it the night before to decide what I want the next day. I don't necessarily drop it all in my tracker unless it's an entirely new recipe that I'm really uncertain of the calorie content. I typically track the day of; for things I've made before, I already have a ballpark idea of the calorie count so I just mentally estimate to pick and pack my breakfast and lunch.

When getting started, I did all that as above, only I dropped some tracking in the night before to make sure I was on track.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,272)
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7/22/14 6:29 P

I would plan 2 days at a time to start.

AYDENSMOM718 SparkPoints: (3,654)
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Posts: 11
7/22/14 12:47 P

I normally plan my meals every Sunday based on whats on sale at my local supermarket. Go shopping then come home and meal prep everything I can. I will write down an menu for each day and post it on the fridge. That way it takes the guess work out of what I am going to eat everyday and keeps me on target to reach my weight loss goals. Meal prepping gets easier the more you do it. I was lost at first now its second nature!

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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7/22/14 12:38 P

I also live alone and the way I plan is to eat the same thing for a week (it's better, than it sounds, promise). Breakfast is overnight oatmeal, with the flavors changing weekly. Lunch is usually a salad where the toppings change depending what I have on hand/leftover. Dinner is some kind of casserole, stew, or stir fry (depending on mood/time of year/etc). With the exception of the salads which I put together each night before work, I make everything Sunday so that way the most I have to do is take something out of the fridge and put it in the microwave. I decide what I want to make for dinner based on what's on sale, what recipes I want to try, and what I'm in the mood for.

If you don't like eating the same thing for a week, one thing you could do is cook a bunch of protien (3-4 chicken breasts, for example) and make something different with each one every night.

PANDYANN21 Posts: 19
7/22/14 12:11 P

I'm kind of new to the meal planning thing and not real sure how to go about doing it. Does anyone have any pointers for me? I live a lone but like to cook for 2. This way I have lunch the next day since I only get 30 minutes for lunch.

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