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9/18/13 8:50 A

Welcome to SP.

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9/18/13 1:02 A

Hi Sandra, I have been around the "diet" block for years and like you don't have a lot of support IRL so am very dependent on my online support network - You will lose weight it may take longer than you want, it may go up and down a bit but as long as you don't give up you're moving forward and that is what counts :-)

As far as the ups and downs there are so many reasons why weight fluctuates, sometimes its bad food choices, sometimes its nothing to do with the food, sore muscles hold extra water to help them heal, TTOM if your a woman can cause quite substantial increases but these usually only effect one week - some the week of menstration some the week before, you may have had other reasons for the weight gain but the weight came back off so carry on ... try not to get too hung up on the pesky scales pay attention to how you are feeling, if you are healthier, have more energy etc and most importantly DON'T GIVE UP

We are all here with you

9/18/13 12:53 A

Hi Sandra emoticon

Are you tracking what you eat each day in the food tracker? That can really give you a good idea of exactly what you are eating each day.

Be sure to join some teams that interest you. Look around Spark and you will see that there are a lot of people and groups that can motivate and inspire you.

9/18/13 12:21 A

I am not good at social stuff, and I spend most of my time alone, but I have read that it is hard to lose weight alone by yourself and I am finding this to be true.
I changed my lifestyle by eating less and exercising about 9 weeks ago (6 weeks on weight watchers and 3 here on sparkpeople) and I am not having steady results. I went weeks without losing a pound and then I lost 5 pound and one week and since then (2 weeks ago) I have lost and gained the same 2 pounds.
I have hope that by becoming part of the sparkpeople community I will get the positive influence, motivation, support and advice that will help me to achieve my goals.

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