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NIRERIN Posts: 14,296
2/3/13 2:04 P

On your days out, try eating half an entree. Even if you pick a 1200 cal entree only eating half brings it down to 600, which is doable.

For what you are eating, your calories seem pretty high, particularly the chicken soup and chili. Can you cut out any of the fat in those two dishes? Use teaspoons of oil instead of Tablespoons? Use leaner meat or rinse the higher fat stuff? Add in a cup or two of veggies like cauliflower or zucchini to your chicken soup? Add in some butternut squash, more tomatoes, onions, peppers or shredded carrots to your chili? Figure if each of those runs 300 cals a cup your recipe makes two cups and you add a cup of low cal veg for 60 cals then that one addition will get you an extra cup of food and bring the cals per cup down to 220.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/3/13 1:39 P

You don't have to "stop" your social life, but maybe cut it down to once a week. If you have one day a week at 2,000 or so, it means running about 100 calories lower on other days than you'd ideally want.

With your age/height, your BMR + activity is 1800. That means your body would maintain weight on 1800 calories per day, not 1600.

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,767
2/3/13 1:27 P

Hi, Thanks for the replies. I am 5'6", 31 years old and I work in an office - so I sit at a desk all day. I love to exercise, but I'm not able to do as much because of a hip injury from running on a treadmill. I have been able to do upper body strength training 2 days a week, plus maybe one or two low impact classes or videos.

Here are some sample meals. However, I am embarrassed to admit that I have days especially on the weekend, where I go out with my husband or work friends and end up eating restaurant food - I have estimated on "celebration" days I eat between 2000-2500 calories. I average that with my typical workday range and get around 1800. I don't feel like that is going to get me to shed weight. Therefore, I have one of two options: either stop my social life, or eat less on "healthy" days. I know that sounds a little extreme, but even when I order better restaurant options - like salad, I still feel like I'm getting too many calories.

Sunday - 1700
strawberries, sunflower seeds, almond milk
chicken soup
turkey chili
yogurt, protein smoothie

Monday - 1400
Orange Juice, egg white omlet
Chicken soup, spinach salad
Turkey Chili
Almond milk protein smoothie

Tuesday - 1350
egg white omelet
Turkey Chili, spinach salad w/ egg carrots
Chicken Soup
Sunflower Seeds and dark chocolate m&ms, oranges

Wednesday - 2000
Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie
Ham, Turkey Salad, 1/2 a small bag of chips - Panera catered our office lunch
Turkey Chili, Pastrami Butter Lettuce w/ Cilantro dressing
Oranges, Sunflower seeds w/ Dark chocolate m&ms

Thursday - 1600
egg white omelet, apple
Chicken Soup, Spinach salad
Turkey Chili, artichokes, Butter Lettuce w/ dressing
Strawberries and Greek yogurt, dark chocolate, raisins

Friday - office happy hour - 1900

Saturday - errands, date night - 2200

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/3/13 1:06 P

How did you work out 1600 for maintaining?

Using your weight and an assumed age and height, I get 1780 for BMR+day to day activities, before any exercise. You say you run, although you're injured right now. Do you still run? Any exercise at all will bump that up a lot.

Basically, you're under eating signficantly. It's not safe for anyone to consistently eat under around 1200 calories, and that's near the top of your self-calculated ideal range. The fact that you struggle to keep it down to 1400 probably indicates that your body simply needs more food.

I don't think you've calculated your values accurately. Try going through this page, putting half a pound a week as your goal rate of loss:

What range does that give you in the end?

NIRERIN Posts: 14,296
2/3/13 12:31 P

for starters if you maintain at 1600, 1000 cal days create too large of a deficit for you. keeping it closer to 250 cals for your deficit is going to be more reasonable, which means eating closer to 1300 or the top of where you were before. and as you finish healing and go back to exercising, keep that 250 deficit, just bump up your cals based on how much you are working out.
and if you want decent tips on what you can do to make yourself fuller with the calories that you have, share your tracker or post a few sample days. that way people can offer tweaks for what you are already doing and won't be suggesting things you already do.

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,767
2/3/13 11:58 A


I am hoping for some support and help. I know that my maintain calorie range is 1600, and to loose weight, I need to be between 1000-1300, but I am having a lot of trouble even going one day at 1400. I get so hungry. I eat really healthy - a lot of vegetables, fruit, lean protein, and some nuts and dark chocolate (only 100 calories of dark chocolate, and 200 calories of nuts a day.) I tried eating more fiber, but I got a daily feedback message that I was actually getting too much fiber. I am trying hard not to just complain, but I honestly don't know how to get better about this. Do the hunger pangs just go away eventually?

I am getting over a running injury, so soon I will be able to workout more, which should help.

Thanks in advance for any tips!

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