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10/12/11 12:08 P

Thanks for the advice.

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10/12/11 11:56 A


I agree with Susan that maintaining a steady state for the entire distance can be a tad fatiguing because when we run outdoors we tend to vary our speed. Not to mention if you used to running on a hard surface, moving to a softer surface of a treadmill can make a difference, too.

Lastly, racing is not the same as training. You do kick it up a notch, after all that is what you spent months training to do.

Coach Nancy

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10/12/11 11:52 A

There's definitely a difference between the surface/give of a treadmill and the road. I definitely prefer the road and hate having to switch to the treadmill. I definitely am someone who needs to slow down on the treadmill and focus more on form. It also might be that it's harder to keep a steady state - I'm sure when you did your race and training you were slowing down/speeding up as needed. With a treadmill it is very tempting to set it at a pace and go. You might want to take advantage of the treadmill to do speedwork for that reason.

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10/12/11 11:43 A

So here's something a bit weird: I started running this past spring and completed my first 5k in 30 minutes in September. All of my training was done outside, no treadmill. I joined a gym a couple of weeks ago to piggy back on my parent's membership and hopped on a treadmill. At a 10min pace, I could barely finish 2 miles. Is it normal to have such a large discrepancy in performance between free running and on a treadmill? (all other factors being equal i.e. temperature, elevation changes, etc)


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