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I've been juicing for about a month now and am pleasantly surprised at how good it tastes. The thought of kale, parsley and spinach in a juice put me off but when you juice it with beets, carrot, apples an pears, it's a great. I also throw in some lemon and ginger.
I have a Hurom juicer I bought from my local organic produce delivery service and receive a weekly seasonal juicing box.
This morning is a citrus combo, orange and grapefruit.
Dynamo, you're doing great. Keep up the good work.

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1/25/13 11:33 P

Here is my story. Started Juicing back in July 2012 weighed 274 pounds. I am doing my program the way you are NOT supposed to do it. I call it my hybrid plan. I have been gaining and losing weight over the last 20 years. And I can't do it anymore. So I decided to experiment on me! Here is what I have been doing for the last 7 months - I promised myself to drink fresh juices between 16 - 64 oz. of fresh juice a day. And then I eat anything I want, yes I know don't say it - you are not supposed to do this. But here is my position, I need a plan I can follow, and there hasn't been one. So I am taking away the” I can't have this or that.” Here is my theory - if I juice every day and eat anything I want every day, the good will soon outweigh the bad, so to speak. Now, I am not a diabetic, I do take blood pressure meds and am also the caregiver for a disable parent. The stress level is high in my life. So needless to say when you drink 16-64 oz. of fresh juice a day - there really isn't too much room to eat. I also started attending raw food classes, and learn how to preparer real tasty raw food. But I still have my carrot cake, ice cream etc., from time to time, probably once a week or two. I also started getting more sleep, which I didn't have and my energy really increased and the congestion, colds etc. went down. So here is my favorite juice drinks. I like to put the veggies in one container and the fruit in the other no special reason why, even though I mix ‘em during the day. BTW I use the Omega Juicer and started a meetup juice group called juiceveggieshealth for moral support.

Denise’s Jolly Juices
Container One
3 kale leaves
3 collard leaves
3 Swiss chard leaves
Bunch of spinach
2 spears of bok choy
3 carrots
1 cucumber

Container Two
2 granny smith apples
1/3 pineapple
1/3 papaya
1 grapefruit
1 orange
1 cucumber
2 in of ginger (about the size of my thumb)
1 lime
1 lemon

So how am I doing today January 25, 2013? Well I now weigh 241 pounds, from the 274 pounds I weighed in July 2012. So I have lost 33 pounds. And amazing enough, when I started in July 2012 70% was food and 30% was juicing. Now 80% is juice and 20% food and I feel so much better. I still have a little chicken, fish or beef, not much but a little. Love salads and raw dishes. So I am starting to exercise, stretch and live. This is how I have maintain a lifestyle I can live with. Do not recommend this for anyone else. Just wanted to share.

1/11/13 12:19 A

1/11/13 12:15 A

the idea of juicing is to get the phytonutrients and lots of them which means drinking it fresh within 45 minute or less from when you make it..I used the left over fibers to make soil for my garden... It was chopped up so finely it made good soil and composted in short time...You can still get fiber from other sources but juicing is about raw, fresh and getting so many nutrients that it has a detoxifying effect.. Often you have to detox to lose weight... Also the more phyto nutrients that you consurme the less cravings for hunger or sweets... Juicing does make me go to the bathroom a lot so with winter I have been juicing less because I just can't drink 4 cups and run out the door to work...or to the pool to swim.... I am now trying to eat things high in phyto nutrients as according to Doctor Joel Furhman and eat things like kale and brussel sprouts and broccoli and cauliflower... spinach... fresh citrus.. etc.and my craving have diminshed.

1/11/13 12:05 A

once I have a juice I use fairly often like beet apple ginger, carrot, brocolli, cauliflower, I do a grouping and then I just reuse it... since most vegetables are very low like brocolli or cauliflower I don't worry so much about them but carrots has lots of carbohydrates so it adds up.. I have been juicing for cancer but haven't done as much lately

1/11/13 12:01 A

there is some juices under special searches... like beet and carrot... apple... I know fish oil has maybe 20 calories... I don't count the little calories but balance off by not counting my exercising to full amount... or counting it as nothing... to make up for any mistake or forgotten items.

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1/10/13 10:06 P

That's a hard one! You can Go the V8 route and throw in a ton of other veggies to try and cover it up or I've done it like a salsa before...a little onion and some jalepenos. Some bell peppers wouldn't hurt. I HATE celery juice but I kept reading and reading about how good it was and the health benefits and it made me so desperate I would just take it in shots and chase it with something I liked. Also if there is an ingredient you are not fond of, make sure your juice is super cold. When particles are warmer they are more active meaning they bounce on your taste buds making them more tasteful. Icing it will make it more tolerable! I hope this helps!

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1/10/13 8:10 P

20 days?! Wow! That's some self resilience right there! I'm just starting out with juicing and so far so good. Although the beautifully red tomatoes are staring at me from the refrigerator wanting to be used; I'm scared. Tomatoes and my taste buds haven't ever got along very well. Any advice for that?

Also, I have found this site and it offers nutritional information:

Very user friendly.

Thanks for the thread! I really want to incorporate juicing into what I am already doing but want to make sure I'm as accurate as possible. Thanks again!! ~r

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1/9/13 3:19 P

I total agree about slowing down and realizing what you are eating. When I first planned the fast I put Christmas Eve as the day I would be off of it so I can eat all of the yummy Italian food and by the time the 24th came I didn't even want to eat it. I felt so much better juicing.

The 20 days were not bad! I learned really fast that i do not drink enough water and it expanded me in a culinary sense to learn to mix things I never would have thought of before. I would look up recipes for funky salads (like orange and fennel with olive oil and pepper) for inspiration or even desserts (raspberry lemon peel cupcakes inspired me to juice a whole lemon (peel and all!) add some raspberries, ginger and raw agave nectar to taste, 1 part of this to 1 part water and the girls at work were loving it!)

Lettuce gets a bad wrap because everyone though Iceburg was sooooo good for you until they found out it is just crunchy water with a bit of fiber. LoL. Google the health benefits of Romaine and I think you will be pleasantly surprised....especially when they are $3 for 6 heads at the market like they were for me this week. Score! I just get so sick of Kale and Spinach after the 12th day and being up till 1am because I had Apple Carrots and Spinach Juice for dinner and getting that after taste of Kale everyday, I desperately looked for something different. (Oh and I hate celery juice! I know it is good for you but I had to resort to taking shots of it between meals....yuck). That is when I discovered Romaine, Bok Choy and Fennel. Good stuff!

I don't even find myself using my juicer all that often. The motor on my Vitamix broke :( and because money was tight during the holidays I bought one of those Ninja blenders. I basically throw everything in there and then run the blended result through a nut milk bag. This ways I can squeeze it till I feel good about throwing away what is left. It is great for grapes pomegranate and even banana. I do Yuma Detox or Cleanse tea or even raw almond milk to the blender to make it a little easier, where as juicing I don't add anything.

Yay for juice! Keep the juicer going! Hope to hear more soon!

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1/8/13 8:59 A

Hi Maria!!

I'm not sure I could hang with a 20 day juice fast. Urg!!
I did the Ani Phyo 15 day fat blast last summer which was all raw. Started with 3 days of liquid - not just juice pulp too. It was great for my tastebuds - I think you forget to slow down and really think about what you're eating and taste it. I certainly did have a greater appreciation for variety and veggies when I was done.

I did not know that about lettuce. honestly, lettuce is one of the green things I've had a hard time justifying juicing or putting in smoothies b/c it seemed to me to be totally devoid of nutrition compared to other green leafies. I like romaine especially the crunch but compared to spinach or kale, I've felt guilty even buying it. So that makes me see it in another light.

I just got a new juicer from "Santa me", but I haven't tried it out yet. Our old juicer is a centrifugal one and it is a pain to clean plus I felt like it wasted a lot. I usually put the pulp through a second time. Really strong motor but just not great. Looking forward to trying out the new one - I got an Omega masticating juicer. I got my brother the same one, and he's told me so far, great results.

thanks for the juice nutrition link!!

happy Tuesday to you!

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1/7/13 12:49 P

I did a 20 day juice fast before starting SparkPeople. I have a e-book saved on my computer of over 101 recipes I can e-mail to you if you care to share your e-mail. I found the hardest thing was to get my veggies in there. It is so easy to juice some apples and oranges and call it a day but here are a couple veggie-full recipes I came up with through trial and error.....

Here is a website that has a list of nutritional information for raw juices

I have been just tracking a little less than the whole fruit. The whole concept of tracking is to get an idea and to promote a healthy lifestyle, not to keep scientific measurements. And for the sake of tracking I am going to start doing the smoothie thing a little more than juicing, this way I am not loosing out on all of the fiber and good stuff too.

As far as juicing goes, I found that I can get any leafy green and mix it with pineapple and it will taste awesome...due to the acid in pineapple though you have to drink right away or it will start to break the greens down and either taste nasty or make you sick. I add carrots and spinach to everything when I can. They are actually pretty sweet, they are so good for my skin and have out-witted every acne and pore refining prescription and face wash I have owned since I was 12. I have also replaced my coffee with any sort or combo of apple juices. I feel 5 times more energized for 2 times longer than drinking coffee.

I like this recipe for a late dinner. While most juices get me zippin' Lettuce has a chemical similar to opium that sets your body and mind at ease......

2 - Roamaine Lettuce Hearts
1 knob of ginger
1 pear
a handful of green or red grapes

2 skinned cucumbers
1 bunch of green grapes (also good as a smoothie if you freeze the grapes)
2 handfuls of spinach

2 Large Oranges
2 Clementines or Tangerines
1/2 a head of Fennel (stems, leaves and all)

2 Apples
1/2 peeled lemon
1 knob of ginger
1 head of fennel (again everything!)
1-2 large carrots

This one is my favorite beet recipe to give my friends. I love beets but they are not popular. Mix with some pineapple and boom, you have some serious vitamins and a powerful detox!

1/2 pineapple
1 large red beet

There are plenty more where that came from if you need any! If you have any cool ones too, I would love to try them!!!!

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7/2/12 9:19 A

Ah but I don't want to eat it all in one day emoticon
that would be too easy!!

I was thinking about doing something nutty like freezing the pulp until I have enough to make crackers. Well, all the musings of someone with too many ideas and no time to implement, and I wonder why I'm late for work every day. Some day!!

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7/1/12 4:22 P

The pulp is worth including in your diet elsewhere if you can ... and that makes it super easy to track as you just track the whole fruit and forget about where the pulp went and where the juice went - as long as the whole fruit is there for the day somewhere. :)

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7/1/12 4:13 P

oh how convenient, a post about the very topic that I came to ask myself! Now I don't have to start a thread emoticon

I think the issue is not the "carrot skins" emoticon but how to judge the missing pulp and fiber, or to not have to weigh the heavy things.
For example - today we did a whole cantaloupe, 3 carrots, and some ginger. That made 3 1/2 c of juice that my husband and I split. Easy enough to track but when I make watermelon juice...not so. We've been juicing a lot of melon over the last few days and I'm at a loss how to count it.
I checked 1kg of watermelon = which was over 360 calories. Then I adjusted to the cups of juice I got from that amount and it was 1.75 cups - 133 calories. that's a rather significant swing - and I can't eat a breakfast that small and not pay for it later.

And regarding the pulp. When we got our juicer years ago, the prevailing wisdom seemed to be not to try to do anything with the pulp as much of the nutritional value would be gone. I just hated throwing the mass away. Now I have chickens - and they will eat a lot of it, so I feel less guilty. However, I read a blog from a gal who makes crackers from her juice pulp as well as incorporates it into other parts of her diet. Probably more ambitious than I want to be - but ??

So how do you count the separate parts? Is the pulp not worth eating even for the fiber? I have been googling to see if I can find info but I'm coming up short. And I could make my carrot pulp into pancakes if it was worth doing (the hens will still get the watermelon...)

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7/1/12 3:41 P

Don't bother subtracting.

Honestly, how far off can that possibly be on one glass of juice a day? (Don't have more than one).

Your success or failure at losing weight and remaining healthy will not come from whether you remembered not to track the skin of that carrot today - it's going to be from totals and averages over time.

Remember that all figures are estimates anyway. The little bit you're off by tracking juice as a whole vegie/fruit is probably well within the margin of error anyway since all figures are only estimates.

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7/1/12 8:21 A

Hi all,
I'm a big juicer, especially in the mornings but how do I track those calories on SP?
I can figure out how to add a new food not listed but how do I deduct calories due to the core and skin not being consumed?
Anyone else into juicing? Have any good recipes to share? What supplements do you add, if any? :)

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