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10/15/13 4:24 P

I'm a pen and paper fan myself, just because I always have my notebook with me and writing something down sticks with me better. That being said, I'm sure the internet has a gazillion excel/access templates that people have designed for the purposes of food and exercise tracking.

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10/15/13 4:18 P

SARAHMO4: Yes, for over 3 years I tracked weigh-ins, foods consumed, calories both consumed and burned, exercising time and distance, etc, using Excel spread sheets. I varied them from time to time, some were quite complex; others were rather simple.

I love using Excel spreadsheets for several aspects of dieting and exercising. I am certainly no expert in using Excel, but I did come up with excellent spreadsheets for my wants and needs. I would be willing to somehow email a few to you, if you have any interest in them.

Again, I am not an expert in any sense about spreadsheets, Excel, or computers in general.

I am currently using Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac on my iMac. However, I believe that one can save files in text format so that Office for PC's can read them.

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10/15/13 2:58 P

I am thinking about tracking my food, exercise and measurements through a spreadsheet or pen and paper if needed. My question is has anyone done this before? I like sparkpeoples tracker but for me I am closer to a notebook or just like using excel more and adding food without having to delete them after adding a new but not eaten food. I have also considered using a Access for a food database to keep track of what I eat and the portions to add and delete foods eaten since access is more advanced and has more options than Excel does. Any ideas or anyone who could help me would be great!! I am familiar with both programs but can be terrible at getting formulas right or the initial setup of a database/spreadsheet.

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