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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/14/13 2:11 P

You can track 7 days in advance, and then just hit the grocery button at the bottom of the nutrition page. That way you have no extra food in your home.

Tracking makes you realize where you are high in a macro, or Na, and then you can make changes BEFORE you eat it. The more food you cook from scratch, the lower the sodium. Read labels of everything you buy, and if it is high in Na, see about an alternative.

I eat a lot of chicken, and it was 340 mg per 4 oz serving,because they soak it in a 15% salt solution. I stopped buying Tyson, and Perdue chicken was 40 mg. I won't buy any chicken that is over 80 mg, which is a 75% drop in sodium per serving. Since I eat about 6 servings a day, this saves me 1440 mg Na. Just by reading labels. The only reason I read labels though is I started tracking. Many healthy foods have a lot of sodium.

Especially low fat/ diet foods. They replace the fat with salt, and sugar to make it taste okay. You aren't necessarily getting healthier, just trading fat for salt/sugar.

PHOENIX2B Posts: 294
1/14/13 10:34 A

Tracking really does make a difference! For example, I used to often eat a quick meal that I thought was healthy - vegetables, brown rice, and polish sausage. But when I tracked I realized it was 300 plus calories for 1/6 of the sausage, and I had been eating half a sausage at a meal! That's just an example, but it helps me realize what I'm actually consuming.

TBASCH Posts: 17
1/14/13 9:26 A

I find that sodium is my down fall. It is in everything and I am sensitive to it but I also LOVE it. I am finding alternatives in seasonings that I can use and not get the volume of salt that I am accustomed to. I am finding I really like the tast of lime and lemon in my food and for some reason that works for me.

DSTINCHCOMB1 SparkPoints: (40,480)
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Posts: 192
1/14/13 6:35 A

I track everything. One surprise is the amount of sodium I am taking in. I don't add salt but there is enough salt in everyday foods that you don't consider salty. I used to track only the main items (cal/protein/fat and carbs) but I've added some of the vitamines/minerals. I have also added a multi vitamin as I'm not getting enough, which too, surprised me on healthy eating days.

PETIEBUMP SparkPoints: (1,078)
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1/13/13 8:27 P

I used to track on Then I thought I could get away from tracking. It lasted about 2 days and I found myself grazing on this and that. As soon as I started tracking again, I felt much better.

DEB2799 Posts: 2
1/13/13 7:56 P

I use to just do lazy tracking. Now I am tracking EVERYTHING that I eat

1/13/13 1:57 P

Ditto!!! I find it ironic how hard I try to not have soooooooo many starches/carbs. There has never been a day I have gotten all my foods in!!

CHERIE682 Posts: 656
1/13/13 1:31 P

This week I have learned how important tracking food is. First, I had an "urge" to lie on my food intake and then realized I was only hurting myself. Then seeing the amount of sodium I consume made me read labels more.
It has also helped me more accountable for my choices

Thanks again Spark!

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