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4/20/13 12:37 P

I wouldn't try to over eat. You are just getting over the stomach flu and forcing your body to eat more calories could end very badly. When I had the flu earlier this year, although I didn't throw up and I could eat, I ate very little for 4 days. Even when I was feeling better, I could only eat small bits of food at a time before my stomach would protest. Then one day (Christmas!) I was totally fine and ate as much as I wanted, not worrying about calories. I still ended up in my calorie range, though, because although I could handle the food, my body didn't need to dramatically make up for the past few days.

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4/20/13 10:17 A

I would stick to a bland diet for today. Nothing fatty, no dairy (with the exception of yogurt...good bacteria). Eat rice, bananas, crackers, until you feel completely back to normal. Don't try to "make up" for the calories you've lost. Your body will adjust itself.

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4/20/13 10:05 A

do whatever makes you feel best. if you're a little hungrier, eat more, if not, stick to your usual. your body will not have a breakdown if you get the stomach flu, it is designed to be able to handle stuff like that on occasion.

4/20/13 9:56 A

I have not eaten anything at all in more then 24 hours as I have been throwing up and not well at all. I'm hoping today to start keeping food down so my question is should I eat more then normal for a couple of days (if I can) or just eat my normal 1250.

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