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4/14/13 1:11 P

No I haven't don't much strength training. I have mainly been walking. Thanks for the advice.

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4/14/13 8:24 A

If you haven't been doing much strength training, that can really help. Try joining the January Jumpstart Challenge.
It's okay that January has come and gone! emoticon

When I started doing this Challenge, the exercises were kind of hard for me. I was able to work at my own level, and I noticed that as I kept at it, they were getting easier and I was getting stronger. I have continued doing one of these short sessions (7-12 minutes usually) about 4 days per week, and I try to use the machines at the gym once or twice a week. It's made a difference for me. Having toned muscle underneath the skin helps with the flabbiness issue. And it feels great to notice some firmness and definition in my once-flabby muscles!

Good luck! Hope this helps! emoticon

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4/14/13 6:38 A

Flabbiness is likely a problem of loose skin. Aging skin is more plastic than elastic, so it shrinks less than younger skin when a lot of fat is lost. After losing a lot of fat, a lot of loose skin remains, which feels like flabbiness.

ST is certainly important in many fronts for good health, but it may be that it is not enough to take care of flabbiness.

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4/14/13 4:59 A

Were you strength training while losing weight? If not, up to 25% of your weight lost could have come from lean muscle and tissue from your body. The solution is to start strength training to try and maintain the muscle that you have and to try and build back some of the lost muscle.

Most people recommend a full body workout 2-3 times a week using weights that are heavy enough that you can only perform 8-10 reps with correct form.

4/13/13 10:17 P

I am in need of some help. I am new to this whole thing so I'm not sure where to start as far as toning up goes. I have lost a lot of weight and am very happy with the progress I have made. I'm eating healthier and working out. I'm finally starting to be healthy but I'm not toning up. I'm still flabby. Yes, I admit it. Although I'm losing weight I don't seem to be toning up. I don't know how to go about doing so. Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance.

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