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Tabbouleh or pasta salads can be full of flavor and can be made well in advance. Tabbouleh is really inexpensive: mix bulgur wheat, cucumber, tomato, lemon juice and a little salt and pepper. Add about three times as much water as there is bulgur wheat and let it soak for a few hours or overnight. You can find bulgur wheat just about anywhere and it's really reasonably priced! I also like adding paprika.

A fun and healthy pasta salad is also just as inexpensive and easy to make: pasta of choice, roasted red peppers, low fat (or strongly flavored regular) cheese, sliced mushrooms (cooking optional), diced tomato, garlic and seasoning of your choice.

I'm a big fan of fish, so salmon or another nice fish turned into a sandwich with a horseradish and 'cheater' creme fraiche (sour cream lightened with a little lemon juice) with tomato and lettuce is really filling and refreshing.

Finally: ONIGIRI! These are an awesome Japanese snack food. First: make a nicely sized batch of nishiki or other sushi rice. Find a good seasoning recipe, there are a million out there. As it's cooling, form into triangle shaped packs with your hands. There are a few funny Youtube videos on the best way to do this. Add a little of your favorite filling: cucumber, radish, pickled vegetables, fish and pickled ginger are a few traditional options. Wrap with seaweed in a pretty pattern and store. I like eating them with vinegared cucumber strips, carrot sticks and daikon radish.

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You can get a decent thermos for about $10 in the camping section of Walmart and other stores. If you have that you can also take a lot of soups...and there are so many homemade soups that are easy and inexpensive to make it's a great way to stretch a book and have satisfying food without ever getting bored.

Another idea is taking some 'snack' food that actually gives you the things your body needs...example:
an ounce or two of cheese with some whole grain crackers, a handful of carrots, a sliced apple or some grapes and a few almonds. Its usually enough of a power snack to get me through a few hours.

Chicken salad or tuna salad are great options - either add them to a lettuce salad or eat them with crackers or the thin sandwich rounds. It's better than just plain old lettuce salad.

Also try some cold pasta salads - whole wheat penne pasta, any kinds of veggies blanched or cooked, some dry ranch dressing mix or some light balsamic/italian salad dressing. Add a few ounces of leftover chicken or beef and eat it all cold. It's delicious. If you use the dry ranch mix, add it when the pasta and veggies are warm and use a little healthy olive oil to make it less dry and add some healthy fats.

Another good option is to change up your old sandwich stand-by and make some wraps...think outside the box and try rolling up some deli turkey, cranberry sauce, some cheese and some sprouts. Think outside the box and have fun with it!

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9/18/11 10:01 P

Thank you so much!

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I assume you mean that you are tired of lettuce salads. Try pasta, potato, or cabbage?

My basic couscous salad involves cooked couscous, tomatoes, cucumber, feta, and a dressing made from olive oil and lemon juice. I think green pepper, a little bit of onion, or maybe olive would go well. Black pepper can add some bite.

My lunchbox version of a monte cristo is to make a turkey and ham sandwich on cold french toast. Either mustard or fruit jam for a condiment.

Rice balls. Cook some sushi rice and toss it with a sprinkle of rice vinegar. Spread it on a square of plastic wrap, include whatever filling you like, then gather up the plastic wrap and use it to compress the rice into a ball. Eat with a packet of soy sauce.

Toss cut apples with a bit of lemon juice and a teaspoon of brown sugar. Chopped walnuts goes well with them. Have a side of cheese bits.

Cold creamed spinach on crackers. Hard boiled egg. Seasoned broccoli.

Oh yeah, check out the bento groups on Flickr.

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I have 3 classes that go straight through lunch, so I have been having to pack meals and eat them at my desk...after 3 weeks I am seriously tired of regular ole salads and sandwiches! Any ideas for more interesting recipes that taste equally delicious cold?

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