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JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
6/22/13 12:31 A

You might want to have your physician run a blood count and check both your iron and Vit. D levels - if it's not been done recently. Both can make a huge difference.

RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
6/21/13 8:44 A

emoticon Recently, we all realized in the office how tired we were and it appeared that they were doing some work on the roof and had shut all the air handlers. If you're tired you may need some fresh air. Wonderful time to go outside and go for a walk. Kill two birds with one stone. Hope you're still enjoying SP. GO BLACKHAWKS!!! emoticon

HOTCOFFEEE SparkPoints: (6,877)
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8/13/12 5:00 P

It's a multivitamin that you take in place of One A Day vitamins. They're just like One A Day Vitamins, but they have tri-amino energy blend + iron. They're called High Potency Stresstabs Energy -- It says Dietary Supplement on them. They're a vitamin but have extra vitamins for stress and they seem to give me more energy when I'm just feeling worn out, more so than a regular vitamin.

You CANNOT take regular vitamins with this. This replaces your regular One A Day Vitamins.

8/13/12 9:32 A

Feeling better today. Maybe it's stress. What are stress tabs for energy

JANETTEB553 Posts: 2,039
8/12/12 10:28 P

Darn tooting, she's 35kg less.. should be running around the paddock....

HOTCOFFEEE SparkPoints: (6,877)
Fitness Minutes: (626)
Posts: 808
8/12/12 8:51 P

You can't be that tired, you've lost 76 pounds!!! Wow . Congratulations. I take Stresstabs with Energy for my multivitamin daily, and that usually snaps me out of feeling so tired.

Take care.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,527
8/12/12 7:14 P

GReat weight loss.
I'm 62 and feel wonderful. I was tired after I started peri-menopause and I got on PROZAC which helped me feel normal. Took it 14 years, so that was good.

8/11/12 11:54 P

The okd grwy mare aint what she uaed to be

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