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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,583
1/2/13 5:01 P

My favorite motivational saying.......

They say motivation doesn't last. Well neither do baths, that is why they are recommended daily.

I believe that Zig Ziglar said that.

It is true. You have to renew your motivation daily, sometimes hourly

1/2/13 2:26 P

Your sparkpage says you are "serious about this". I think that a lifestyle change is almost entirely a mental exercise. The physical part, in other words nutrition, physical exercise, and changing habits in general have to come from a place in you that is serious and behaves accordingly. When your mind and desire are right the rest just follows. It becomes easier to say no to people who try to drag you down, to say no to yourself when you want to do something off your plan, and to make changes that are sometimes painful to make.

I've been on this path for three years and I can tell you that if you get your mind straight and think of this as the rest of your life and not just a short term goal like a wedding, graduation, or reunion you'll be successful.

Don't be afraid to ask for support from someone close to you whom you trust. Tell them specifically what you need from them in terms of support, but remember that you have to do the work. Set your environment up to support you. Clean out kitchen cabinets, your fridge and anywhere else you have unhealthy foods. If you feel guilty about throwing them away, donate unopened, unused items to a food pantry. Clean and organize your home if you haven't already. Plan your meals and cook in advance. Being hungry without healthy food around is the WORST. Plan, plan, plan.

Find some motivational sayings that work for you and think of them when you need to. My favorites are "I eat for health, not for entertainment", and "I go to the gym to be fit, I go to the kitchen to be healthy and lose bodyfat".

Good luck to you on your journey.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,583
1/2/13 1:47 P

I agree with doing this one day at a time. With little bite sized changes.

Draw stairs on a piece of paper. Write your goal at the top, write where you are currently at the bottom. And thing of all the little changes you believe will get you to your goal. Take one step at a time and work on that. And then the next etc.

Most importantly if you have a slip up. Don't beat yourself up. Just get back up and keep on keeping on

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/2/13 1:25 P

I lost 40 pounds on my college meal plan. I am not saying that it was easy, but it is completely possible. For lunch and dinner up the veggies. I didn't do the potatoes or rice. I did an extra large salad from a pretty decent salad bar in the cafe and just added some of the protein if you can call it that. I didn't really eat out.
Our campus wasn't large-- probably 4 or 5 miles from one end to the other. I walked everywhere-- to class, to friends places, and the walk to town wasn't bad either.

Never think that I have XX weight to lose. Numbers freak people out. Say I am going to lose 5 pounds, I will walk 10 minutes a day, I will choose healthier options in the cafe.

Excuses are not a part of your plan. That's just your subconscious saying you can't do it. I love to prove that little voice wrong. It tells me that I can't walk an extra block-- I shut it down by walking two. It says I can't do another squat-- I shut it down by doing 5. It tells me that I don't like veggies-- I shut it down by making a large salad.

Getting married in June is a good motivational tool, however i think a better one is that you want a long life with your SO. Don't you want to be healthy and strong and fit? I am sure your SO is worth it or you wouldn't be getting married.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/2/13 1:14 P

I agree with Stephen. If you try to think of losing the whole enchilada at one time, you will fail, and be thinking of enchiladas.

Set no expectations at the start. Just get started. Make a change of one exercise , and one diet component. Diet may be harder. Cut out pop to start. Exercise is simpler. Just walk to a point and back, start small. I started with walks to the mailbox, and now walk 5-6 miles a day. Start with a 10 minute walk, and make it 15 next month. Diett can be something as simple as skim milk instead of chocolate milk ( simple? ), or getting a hot dog minus chili. The idea is not to be super healthy today, but to be healthIER today. Every month get healthier, and healthier, only focusing on a small change for that month.

At years end you will have made 12 exercise improvements, and 12 diet improvements, and just weigh in once a month. You should lose weight each month, and then you will have an idea of what you can lose. I see people who expect to lose 3 lbs a week, and lose 1.5 and quit. All you need to do is lose something, even if it is 1 lb a month to start, and keep doing it. Twelve lbs a year adds up, 24 is just a lb every 2 weeks. Most people struggle to drop 24 in a year. Only in our mind do we lose 2 lbs a week consistently. With no expectations, any loss is a victory, as are a smaller clothing size, or a compliment from a friend as weight loss shows eventually. This way you won't look at weight loss as a chore, or a task to overcome, but just a string of successes that are leading to a healthier you.

People who lose weight are not the strictest or best at dieting, they are only the most persistent.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
1/2/13 1:09 P

The best, and easiest thing I ever did was start using the trackers here. Even if you end up going over on food, or under on exercise at first, at least you can see what's going on and make adjustments in the future. The most important thing is to be honest! Even if you don't log that bar of chocolate here, your body keeps a very accurate log. emoticon

It sounds like you're ready to make a change. Getting sick of my own excuses is what got me started too. Good luck, and come here anytime you need motivation or help figuring stuff out!

STEPHEN_NANNY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,232)
Posts: 385
1/2/13 12:55 P

You don't HAVE to turn this into a massive, daunting 'project'. Some people can make that work, but not everyone. A good alternative is to keep it simple: "I'm going to live healthier." Nothing more, no weight target (yet), no complete overhaul of your routine. Try a few months of healthier, smaller decisions when they are available (walk instead of bus...water instead of pop...veggies instead of fried). If you can do that (of COURSE you can do that! :)) for a couple months, then crank it up by setting more specific goals and making realistic adjustments.

This way, you can't 'fail' at anything...I think this is important in your situation because you've clearly tried to loses weight before as a big project and had it fizzle out, leaving negative messages in your head as a wonderful legacy. Start small..."live healthier"...small decisions, small choices...these will eventually add up, and get a good pattern going in your routine...something to build on.

Good luck!

STEPHANIE1273 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 24
1/2/13 12:44 P

I have decided I can only concentrate on 1 day at a time....:just for today, I can do this.

1/2/13 12:40 P

The hardest part of losing weight is getting started. Fear, procrastination, willpower all come into play. You need to really want to lose weight and change your life. But the wonderful news is once you get started and get past the first week you will start to feel better and your motivation should really kick in. You do not need to do anything drastic, just be conscience of what you are eating. Make healthy choices. Skip junk food, sugary foods, prepackaged foods if you can. Grab an apple or a banana instead of a sugary or salty snack. Reduce portions at meal time. As far as exercise goes it will take some commitment on your part, but once you get into the groove you will realize that it makes you feel fantastic. Walking is great to start. You can up it to fast walking, and then eventually running. Get your heart rate up and keep it up for awhile.
Before you do anything though step on a scale. You need to see where you are at right now. You need to process how you feel about that number. Then you can start to make the changes necessary to look and feel better.
Good luck to you. You can do it.

LINWASH23 SparkPoints: (88,104)
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Posts: 1,984
1/2/13 12:17 P

I decided to take one day at a time and do this just for me-not to lose weight, but to live healthier. emoticon

KESTRUNK Posts: 196
1/2/13 12:05 P

Just start walking. I wouldn't recommend crazy workouts or changes to your diet because they won't last. 10-15 minutes of walking each day. It won't be long until you talk yourself into 20-30 minutes.

SAGARLAND91 SparkPoints: (14,754)
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Posts: 50
1/2/13 11:58 A

Okay, there have been so many times where I have tried to lose weight but fail each time. I think my problem is that I just give up. I think another problem is that I am on a meal plan at the college I attend so the options are limited. Another problem is that I hate exercise and can be overall lazy. Now it is a new year and a new start and I really want to get healthy, plus I am getting married in June so I would like to be in shape and feel good about myself for that. I guess what I am trying to ask is for help. Advice is needed because I am tired of this unhealthy person that I am. Thank you!

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