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2/23/13 6:33 P

okay thanx that helps. what my schedule is - depends on whether or not the kidz are in school

so . ..

school days, I eat breakfast AFTER they're on the bus, if not, then after i make everyone ELSE breakfast hehe

so yeah.

I have decided that I'm gonna start making my lunch/snack when I'm cooking my breakfast and set it aside. that way I can eat right after i do the majority of my exercise.

otherwise, I don't get in all my exercise if I stop to snack

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2/23/13 4:02 P

i was getting enough protein for my daily total, but was still hungry a lot. (and was close to the high end of my calorie range.) someone suggested to eat more protein at my meals. i went from eating about 5 grams of protein at breakfast to 15+. Increasing the protein at breakfast lunch and dinner really helped me.

for me, it wasn't just the calories in, but what those calories were.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 951
2/23/13 3:20 P

My scheudle changes every day so my eating times also change every day. Generally, I'll eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. I always have a snack during the day, usually about 2 hours after breakfast. Then lunch, then another snack, usually an hour or two BEFORE dinner.

Some days, the snack is before breakfast or after dinner, just depending on the day. This morning I didn't have to be at work until 9:30, so I was up at 7, had a snack and coffee, worked out, got ready for work, then had my breakfast around 9am.

I just figure out what I am going to eat, then eat it when I need to, basically.

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2/23/13 3:04 P

once a day for one week after holiday

BRENNA84 SparkPoints: (54,570)
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2/23/13 2:52 P

its not eating pattern so much as recording pattern hehe

a couple of days the internet and phone had bad service and couldn't record, arghhh

but am getting better at consistent recording.

yes, I am trying to get better. is most definitely an up and down progress.

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2/23/13 11:01 A

When do you currently eat your meals? I would say have your snack closest to the time you have the most trouble resisting your cravings.

Also, have you looked at your actual intake? It could be your nutrition balance is off, and not as filling so it can't hold you over to the next meal as well. Are you getting enough protein and healthy fat?

I posted this on your other thread, but you haven't responded to that. (Are you reading the answers you're getting?)

Looking at your trackers, I'm seeing a very erratic pattern. You go as high as 2100 calories, then as low as 500, with days around 1,000. Are tracking accurately? This doesn't appear to be a healthy eating pattern.

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2/22/13 7:51 P

thanx. in my older age 5-6 meals is NOT good. but I do feel good with 3 meals and one snack. just having a hard time with THAT snack. am thinking of making a thick slushie-shake whatever. If I can find one with not too much sugar, and is filling (i.e. bananas hehe) I would love to do it.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/22/13 7:40 P

Well, everyone is different in what works best for them (some prefer to have smaller more frequent meals, others like the "3 squares", etc)., but for what it's worth...

I'm in a pretty solidly scheduled routine right now (i didn't set out intending to schedule things this way, but this is how it has kind of evolved!)

Breakfast 7:30 - approx 300 calories - always including some good protein (egg, whole grain bread, yogurt, cheese, or some combination of the above) as well as lots of "complex carbs" (whole grains/veggies/fruit).

Lunch 12:30 - again approx 300 calories, and again ensuring there's some good protein. Bean or lentil salad, yogurt with oats, something sandwichy, soup or other "leftovers"

Throughout the day - beverages with milk/sugar totalling approx 100 cal or less.

Dinner 6:00 - Around 400-500 calories.

Snack 8:00 - Around 200 calories. A nibble of wine and cheese, a cookie, some ice cream, something *small*.

Total day 1200-1400 calories and I am almost never hungry. Sometimes i get a little hungry just before dinner, but not so much that I really need a snack.

But - that is just me!

BRENNA84 SparkPoints: (54,570)
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2/22/13 7:33 P

I have realized of late that some of my carb cravings are from not eating enough, not eating often enough, etc.

so . . . what would be a good timing for my meals. or some inbetween filling snacks cuz I exercise on and off all day. so . NOT something that requires huge digestion.

I would deeply appreciate the help. thanx.

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