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SNLSUL1092 Posts: 401
2/21/12 9:49 A

Injuries can be so frustrating, and can also give us the perfect "excuse" not to exercise and do the things we know we need to do. So proud of you for overcoming this and finding a way to make it work! Good for you!!! Hope your knee heals quickly and completely!

HONESTGRL Posts: 238
2/19/12 1:21 P

Great job!

KM1116 SparkPoints: (27,165)
Fitness Minutes: (10,289)
Posts: 635
2/19/12 12:15 P

That's great... way to go!!!

2/18/12 3:39 P

Way to take care of yourself on many levels! I hope you heal soon ... and all the best in the meantime!

JASHANTI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,736)
Posts: 96
2/17/12 11:43 A


LIVE4THETRAIL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,376)
Posts: 206
2/17/12 11:40 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

ELISELOVE1 Posts: 6,342
2/16/12 5:07 P


ELISELOVE1 Posts: 6,342
2/16/12 5:06 P


IGSBETH SparkPoints: (185,093)
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Posts: 3,947
2/16/12 12:21 P


KODDO12 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 207
2/16/12 8:32 A

Every milestone is worth celebrating. I made it two days without cheating and I am very excited.

CATBIRD707 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (170)
Posts: 1
2/16/12 7:23 A

Congratulations on your success! I'm trying to heal bursitis in both knees and my right hip so I keep my walking moderate and work on upper body strength. Good on you!

AZURELITE Posts: 1,407
2/16/12 6:19 A

Good for you for improvising! Keep on keepin' on!

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,827)
Fitness Minutes: (48,271)
Posts: 2,449
2/15/12 10:02 P

Yay!! Good for you! Hope your knee heals soon. Great job for keeping on doing what you CAN!

KOUNTRYFIDDLE SparkPoints: (32,338)
Fitness Minutes: (25,421)
Posts: 1,746
2/15/12 9:50 P

After badly injuring my good left knee nearly 2 weeks ago, today I challenged myself to get back into upper body weight training from not doing any at all since the injuy in combination with my physical therapy exercises for my knee. I successfully completed a FULL upper body workout with 5 lb dumbells!! Thanks Spark People for keeping me motivated in life!!

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