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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/24/12 7:07 P

I would start by getting some resistance bands. I am sure that sparks has videos to help you with this. Be honest you body needs a whole strength training workout. I had your arms but with lifting weights I don't any more.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,457
12/24/12 5:21 P

There's no 'light' way to do it. For strength training to be effective, you need to be challenging your muscles at close to their maximum capacity (ie. lifting heavy).

As a good guide to how heavy you should be lifting, you should aim to fatigue your muscles in 12 reps or less - the fewer the better. 'Fatigue' means you feel you cannot do another rep with the correct form. Form is important, and while it is OK to start out with lighter weights and more reps while you master the correct form, over time, once you get to being able to do 12 reps, it is time to move up to a heavier weight/more challenging exercise.

You don't need to do a whole heap of different arm exercises. There are basically two sets of upper body muscles - one to push, and one to pull. Pushups are a great upper body exercise (modified, wall or incline pushups are easier substitutes - see the Spark article "You can do perfect pushups"
Add in pull-ups/lat pull downs/bent over dumbbell rows, and you have worked most of the upper body muscles.

Also, to add muscle, you need to be eating at a small calorie surplus (say 250 calories per day more than you would need to maintain).


BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
12/24/12 3:55 P

To make your arms stronger you need to challenge the muscles with weight so they have a reason to get stronger. Modified push ups, triceps dips and moving planks are all things you can do at home with no equipment. With weights and equipment you can do heaps of arm exercises to strengthen the area.

I would advise ST your whole body instead of just one area. ST is great for weight loss, it can improve your appearance, and being physically stronger can help in all areas of your life. I don't have to ask a man to carry a gas bottle or a box of books (both things I have to carry often) because I am strong and can do it myself.

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12/24/12 3:30 P

I agree with Heather. Starting with lighter weights is a good idea so that you can at least know what good form is, but increase those weights when you can do 12 reps effortlessly. And take it from someone who was doing high reps/low weight for 2+ years (lots of Jillian Michaels DVDs), your arms won't look much different if you continue to use light weights. Low reps/heavier weights are the way to go! And don't forget body weight exercises. They're the best :)

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DOUGLYE Posts: 1,541
12/24/12 3:06 P

Arm bulk MAY depend on your body type. I have one son who is lean. Although he is very strong (he was a climbing instructor and quite muscular) he will never develop huge biceps. Another son builds muscle easily and bulks up without any protein mixes etc etc.

In Sparks, search 'arm exercise'. There are lots of them on Sparks and you will be able to find a few that you like to do.

2 of the easiest arm exercises I can think of are;
Chair Dips. Set 2 sturdy chairs beside each other with enough room between for you to fit. With your feet extended out and your palms placed on the chair, lower yourself as far as you can go and and then lift yourself back up with your arms. This will work the muscle on the back of the arms.

Can be done a variety of ways. Standing, leaning towards on wall, prone on the floor resting on your knees, on your toes, feet elevated on a chair, starting from a head stand with your feet high on a wall; hands touching each other, at shoulder width, wide grip. Each different position will change the muscle focus slightly and will build muscle.

These can be done during TV commercial breaks, or any time you have a few minutes break. Do them multiple times a day and you WILL see some results.
Good luck

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GINGERVISTA Posts: 6,236
12/24/12 2:29 P

Strongly suggest you check out some of Coach Nicole's strength training videos. You can start with weights as light as 1#, so give it a shot! Good luck! emoticon

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12/24/12 2:27 P

I don't really understand what you mean by "light" - to start building muscle, you start lifting weights. :) You may need to experiment a bit to see what works for you, but there's tons of arm videos in the healthy lifestyle section of the site. Start with 5 lb weights, and build up from there. That should be plenty light enough to get you started, but you'll adapt to it quickly. If you need to go lighter, that's okay, but don't STAY light!

You want to challenge yourself with weights heavy enough to fatigue your muscles (so that you're tired enough that you can't complete another rep in good form) in 8-12 reps. Don't listen to that "light weights/high reps to tone" myth... it's utter nonsense, and a waste of time.

Don't be afraid to lift heavy, and when you can get to 12 reps easily, it's time to go heavier!

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12/24/12 1:49 P

anyone have any light ways to build up arm muscles? my arms are so so weak any advice is appreciated

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