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5/24/13 9:51 A

Thank you for the tips...they actually helped...last weekend wasn't perfect, but it wasn't as ugly as past ones and I actually lost a pound this past week...need to stay motivated over the upcoming holiday weekend! Thanks again.

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5/24/13 7:28 A

If I am going out to a restaurant that has a website, I will check their menu online and go ahead and make my food selection in my head before I get there. That way I can check calories and keep it low.

Another strategy is to have them bring you a "doggie box" when they bring your food and put part of the food in the box before you even take your first bite. That way, you won't be so tempted to eat a gigantic portion of food.

Finally, I will have a virgin drink before I have a mixed drink (club soda with lime, virgin mary, diet soda). I limit my alcoholic drinks to one, but I want to make sure it lasts, so I don't want to be actually thirsty when I drink it. I love margaritas and they aren't diet friendly, so when I save the calories to spend on one, I want to enjoy it and make it last.

Don't be afraid to ask the chef to do something special for you. A good chef wants you to have pleasure from their creation, they won't mind modifying. I went to a restaurant recently that had crab cake sandwiches with fries. I asked for the crabcake with a side salad, rather than the bread for the sandwich and fries. It was delicious, just the right portion, and the chef didn't mind at all.

So, those are some ideas. I hope they help!

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5/17/13 12:55 P


You don't have to give up a social life to be healthy or lose weight. BUT, you do have to be mindful of your portion sizes. Let's say you enjoy having a couple of drinks. No one says you can't enjoy a cocktail, but it has to be just that, one cocktail not 2 or more. When we start drinking socially, we completely forget about being mindful. So, if you enjoy having a drink, have one drink then have mineral water with a twist. Keeping in mind that those fruity cocktails can have 300-400 calories per glass. have more than one glass and you see how quickly the calories add up.

Also, when we drink too much, we aren't paying attention to how much we eat. We just keep eating and eating.

So, you don't have to give up a social life. But like I said, you do have to watch how much you eat. One glass or wine or cocktail, slowly eat an appetizer and remember, it's okay to say,"no thank you" if you're not hungry. If you eat out at a restaurant, don't clean your plate. Most restaurants serve plates that could feed 2-3 people. Eat what you like, but only eat half. take the other half home in a doggie bag to enjoy for lunch the next day.

I know it's hard to try to be mindful, but that's what you need to do when you eat out. with time, you'll learn ways to eat out and not feel deprived. For now, if you do over eat, don't beat yourself up. If you were to eat right five out of seven days this week, you'd still be doing better than the average American.

Indulge, but don't over indulge too much.

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5/17/13 12:44 P

I've been on Spark for a few weeks and am just maintaining. I do great during the week, but my weekends are disastrous- mainly because there are social events and eating out and too much alcohol- so I know why I am just maintaining. So I've had a great week, but its Friday afternoon and I am already thinking about how to keep up the positive trend through the weekend. Any tips would be great!

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