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HEALTHNUT2009 Posts: 907
7/25/12 1:53 P

Doctors are idiots...

I had a dr that was a moron ... and now I got a new dr who is just as much a moron as the last one ..
If they would not book so many back to back appointments and maybe take the time to talk to their patients...
who the heck wants to be on prescription meds? ...
rather take my chances with altnertative health care... roll the dice.. here i come :)

yeah right, being blunt is the new bedside manner --
I have a choice - i can get a 2nd opinion if I choose .. nothing is written in stone - far as I am concerned... it is in the end my choice after all ...

no matter what the outcome of upcoming medical reports say....
ca la vie -- whatever will be --- will be ---

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
7/25/12 8:50 A

After reading your post, I think I'd rather have my doctor be blunt so that the realization of (fill in the blank with whatever disease or condition) smacks me in the face. Perhaps you could have asked him "well, what can I DO to help reverse this downhill slide?" If you tell your doctor that you'd prefer to try to solve the problem without meds, at least he'll know what you want.....after all, it's your body and life, not his.

Start educating yourself about diabetes and how to prevent/treat it. Make another appointment with your doc and go in there armed with your new knowledge and prove to him that you're serious about fighting it. Use your anger and upset to your advantage!

BRITOMART Posts: 8,344
7/25/12 8:34 A

"Our progress shouldn't rely on other people - because they are not in our skin."

I like that! And it's so true. Inspiration can come from others; motivation HAS to come from us, ourselves.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
7/25/12 6:40 A

I don't want my doctor to "love me to the grave". I want him (or her) to be blunt and wake me up to the realities of the current situation - if it does not change . . . this is the result.

He succeeded in getting you to remember his words, didn't he?

If he had said something like, "gosh, at your weight, you're a candidate for diabetes; we'd better monitor you, and get you on a low dose of {insert drug here}"

Or even, "just keep coming back for your regular check ups" with no additional comments or actions. That would be even worse, in my opinion.

As others have said - perhaps he's seen too many people who don't listen to his words, and has decided that being blunt, if necessary to get the point drilled into their heads, is what needs to be done in order to work.

At least you were offended into doing something about it. Next check-up, you might get the cheers, and not the jeers, but if you don't, will that make you give up? It shouldn't. Our progress shouldn't rely on other people - because they are not in our skin.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,344
7/24/12 9:10 P

Blunt hurts, but you did hear the doctor, right? It didn't sound rude to me, so much as this person trying to make sure that a new person actually was listening. MD's don't have as much time per patient as they used to, so they can't beat around the bush. When a doctor told me very bluntly, "you are too fat for your age"--not only blunt, but totally non-PC! I heard him. That's when I came here. As soon as I showed I was interested in changing, he became very positively supportive.

It must be very hard to tell people things all day long knowing that the stats are most won't make the changes they need to make.

And, sorry, but I don't get the meds comment at all. You aren't diabetic, and he clearly wants you to not become diabetic...I'm confused.

I'm sorry you were hurt, but I hope it helps.

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STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
7/24/12 4:44 P

Honestly, I'm glad that doctors are being blunt and to the point. Your doctor probably said it assuming you weren't doing anything about it-as many Americans today are not. That unfortunately is a reality of being overweight.
When I was 330 pounds, I told my doctor that I get depressed a lot, and on my notes, he said "has eating disorder". At first I was upset, but the reality is, I do struggle with one.
If anything, you should use those words to reassure yourself that you WON'T reach that point.
I'm sorry if you're hurt over the comments, but it seems that a wake up call is what's needed.

HEALTHNUT2009 Posts: 907
7/24/12 2:36 P

Exactly my point ---

let's do all we can so you Do not end up on the diabetis... roller coaster

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,792
7/24/12 12:45 P

Docotors have tip-toed around the issue for far too long.
AND people don't really listen; they hear what they want to hear

Your doctormust have the experience that unless he is blunt, people don't listen to what he says.

"or do they just want to make sure the have people on prescription meds? "

I don't see that he put you on meds... did he?

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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
7/24/12 12:39 P

Which is one of the reasons I don't like health care right now. It's not the doctor themselves. They care or at least my PCP does. It's the pharma industry who are pushing their nasty drugs. Your body can heal itself as long as you don't interfere and medications interfere. I have had the same conversations with MD's. That's why I only go when I absolutely have to. I prefer my chiropractor who would say-- "lets' do whatever we have to do to get you back on track so that Diabetes or cancer is not the result."

HEALTHNUT2009 Posts: 907
7/24/12 10:52 A

Can talking about the past -- keep a person overweight?

Postiive encouragement ?? I think not - -you decide

Seen a new dr - last week ..after stepping on scale
He says "i see that you are overweight, it's not a question of If you are diabetic... it's just a matter of when will you be"

I should have replied "well that is rather fatalistic of you to say -- why can't you say "let's see what we can do to get your weight under control so you don't become diabetic"

But of course, I sat there - dumbounded thinking my gosh does any dr in this world have to be so blunt and rude ? or do they just want to make sure the have people on prescription meds? so they can buy their summer homes??


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