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11/2/13 9:54 P

I don't know if you're wanting low calorie, or high volume. I eat sweet potatos a lot because I like them, they're healthy, and I find them to be filling. If I'm wanting to fill up volume-wise, I eat something like broccoli, because you can eat a lot in terms of volume while consuming a really small amount of calories. I guess it just depends what your goal is! Something that has helped me increase my veggie intake has been experimenting with new ones that I hadn't really eaten before, like brussel sprouts and asparagus. I also started chopping a bunch up, like green peppers, onion, sweet potato, and regular potato, toss with some herbs and spices and bake them up and they are really tasty! Look for recipes on sparkrecipes!

11/2/13 5:17 P

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! Gonna go grocery shop!

11/2/13 9:20 A


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11/2/13 8:47 A

I think roasted cauliflower is really filling. I will roast half a head of cauliflower with a little bit of olive oil and garlic and it is filling and not high in calories.

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11/1/13 10:23 P

If you add some protein and fat to them it will keep you full.
I think broccoli is filling and butternut squash which you can make into baked fries

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11/1/13 12:40 P

lots of the dense carbohydrate, bright coloured ones are great:

sweet potato


spaghetti squash


You can even make veggie noodles with a spiral slicer, and you'll be getting great veggies, and lots of fun varieties

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11/1/13 12:35 P

Sweet potatoes are filling, but I also eat cold sliced beets at times for the nutrients ( no prep time, in a jar, no sugar added ). Seems that the more color in the veggie, the more nutrients are present, like carrots and sweet pepper,
tomatoes, dark green stuff like spinach.

11/1/13 11:46 A

I find sweet potatoes and cauliflower to be quite filling.

I also make a spinach purée soup that I make to be very filling.

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11/1/13 11:15 A

Do mushrooms count?

A huge portabella mushroom.

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11/1/13 10:16 A


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11/1/13 8:29 A

Sweet potatoes!

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11/1/13 8:28 A

Almost any veggie is great with eggs :) I make combos that I never ever thought I would. I like to fry them until the yolk is a little solid but getting thick and put it right on top of whatever veggies are leftover from dinner. emoticon

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11/1/13 8:20 A

I agree with everything slimmerkiwi said. Also sweet potatoes are a recent discovery for me. I didn't think I'd like them but I love them and they are loaded with nutrients - for me they're like candy!
You can use broccolli and other chopped veggies as stuffing for potatoes.
Have fun with it and good luck!

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10/31/13 10:54 P

A lot depends on how the vegetable is presented, as in, whether it is cooked or raw, or what it is mixed with.

A lot of people don't like spinach cooked, but if it is lightly steamed with either plain unsweeted yoghurt added, or a little bit of ground nutmeg added to it, they may find it much more palatable.

Asparagus is nice lightly poached with a squeeze of lemon juice on it, or some lemon pepper, OR sauteed with some bacon.

Mashed Potato may be more filling than whole potato, and with mashed, you can add some cottage cheese, or spring onions, or chopped parsley, or cheese, etc. etc. OR you can bake a potato in it's jacket, and scoop out the flesh and roughly mash with some cottage cheese, finely chopped onion, capsicum, etc. Eaten cold, it is more filling than hot.

Vegetable soups are really nice, and they are more filling if you puree them to a thick 'cremed' soup rather than chunky. I often make pumpkin soup with pumpkin, potato (both of these with their skin on) onion, and maybe some celery or Swiss Chard, and puree it down with a little raw garlic and sometimes a bit of nutmeg (just a pinch) or a little bit of curry powder. I always add lentils to the soups, too, because this not only helps to increase the fibre, but also increases the protein. I generally use a good quality chicken stock with most of my soups. Other times I chuck in heaps of a variety of veges and make the soup that way.

Sweet Potatoes are nice stuffed as you would a baked potato, but try it with some Tuna.

Omelets are also another way you can increase veges - capsicums, onions, parsley, tomato, spring onions - they are all good in the omelet.

Good luck

Other ways you can increase your vege consumption is to add them to gravies and casseroles.

10/31/13 10:42 P

I"m looking for vegetable suggestions that are filling and not too yucky. Need to increase my veggie intake...

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