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5/21/12 9:00 P

Cast iron for some things, heavy-duty aluminum foil for others.

Meats & veggies are great wrapped up in foil and shoved into coals from your campfire; just make sure it's down to hot coals and not flames everywhere or it will burn the food.

A tip for packing in coolers: freeze everything that's possible to freeze, or else your ice won't last very long. And put everything in ziploc bags so the melting ice won't wreck your stuff. Cooking certain things ahead of time & freezing them is nice (like if you're using ground beef), mostly so you don't have to use up as much fuel in your camp stove.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how many great meals you can cook without an RV!

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
5/16/12 2:28 P

Get cast iron pots and pans! I have fried bacon, eggs and potatoes over a campfire with just an old refrig. grate (you know a shelf from an old fridge) and cast iron, very very good eating!

TWISSY1 Posts: 519
3/18/12 1:05 P

tent camping or camping in our trailer we use both charcoal and propane!
a staple around our table is what I call camp potatoes!
fry up some onions and mushrooms chop op leftover potatoes from the night before and fry up together, YUM!
I do most of the cooking so I use a little olive oil, pam, or low-cal margerine when frying!

We've also, cooked cured corned beef with the potatoes, turnip, carrots and peas pudding!
ground beef, mashed potato, and onions another meal.

grilled chicken, rice, or pasta, delish. pretty much anything I cook at home I can cook on the campsite!
OOOOOOOOOOOOOO this makes me want to go camping now! come on camping season!

3/18/12 9:55 A

We are a camping family and we love to put a roast, beef of pork, in the coals or in the cast iron dutch oven. Let it cook for hours and then tear it apart and eat with or without your favorite bbq sauce. It is so delicious.

Smoked sausage is also a nice change from the usual hot dogs.

NEWERIN2012 Posts: 76
3/17/12 3:29 P

We go tent camping in large groups several times every summer. I love tent camping! And you need to get 2 dutch ovens. I recommend a 12-inch and 10inch. Buy some crisco. Go home, set your oven to 400 and slather your dutch ovens with crisco. Put them in the 400 degree oven and turn the oven off. Leave them there until they cool. Take out of the oven, wipe off excess crisco. Now you can cook any kind of food you would cook in a crockpot or the oven using coals from you fire or charcoal. This website is great:

Our favorite recipes: Obrien potatoes, eggs, and ham/bacon or german pancakes for breakfast; chicken and rice or beef, cheese, potato, and veggie skillet for dinner.

The reason for 2 dutch ovens is that you can make dessert in the smaller one at the same time you are cooking dinner- cobbler is easy to make, delicious, and can be made healthy.

Also, the best thing for cleaning a dutch oven- a pampered chef pan scraper (about $2 for 3) and a box of rock salt. Scrape most of the food off with the pan scraper, and then put some rock salt in, and rub it around. It will scrub off the rest of the food and absorb oil without damaging the seasoning.

LULU8278 Posts: 313
3/16/12 7:47 A

I agree with RICCILYNN. Aluminum foil packets are great!

3/15/12 12:15 P

Try making chili! I first got this recipe from a vegetarian cooking magazine, but googled and this is the same one:
It's delicious and everyone I've served it to loves it.

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3/15/12 4:57 A

eggs and bread would do. we usually bring them together with healthy flakes and so much of water to re-hydrate.

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3/14/12 9:42 P

I usually pack one ice chest with only fresh fruits & vegetables, already washed & portioned.

MASHAMOO Posts: 1,667
3/14/12 6:43 P

It depends on how long you're going to be gone, and how much you can cram into your car, and what your family likes to eat!
I like to freeze bottled waters, then line the cooler with them. I cook ahead of time (soups, burritos, calzones, etc) and freeze bagged portions. Those can be unbagged and reheated in foil later. Grilled veggies are always a good choice too.
If you can, get a camping stove. We use ours a LOT and it's been so worth it.

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
3/14/12 10:43 A

I always love doing aluminum foil packets when I am camping... potatoes, onions, carrots, ground beef, mushrooms, seasonings, a little butter and some water - seal up very good and tight, put directly onto the grill or over the fire on a grill, cook for about 15 - 20 minutes, turn to cook another 10 minutes or so and take off... carefully open because it will be steaming and there is your dinner... you can sub out chicken or pork for the meat as well. Best part of these meals is there's no clean up!

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3/14/12 9:39 A

ok guys, i am used to camping in a rv but we gave it up for a tent. i need ideas on cooking and eating on camping trips. no refrigerator or oven. just a camp stove and the camp fire. help??? emoticon

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