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3/7/11 7:17 P

I work weird hours and often eat "lunch" at 7am. I usually pack food according to the calories that I should be eating at that time . Say 700 calories worth of food for the shift. Usually it's smaller foods in 200-300 calorie increments, not one big thing plus I eat every break to keep myself full and not craving bad things-my go to default when I'm tired and hungry.

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3/7/11 5:59 P

try to make bigger meals around the swing points so that there is some continuity. in other words if shifts are 6pm-6am and 6am to 6pm try to keep dinner around 5-7pm and breakfast around 5-7am so that sixish is when hunger is hitting regardless of schedule.
particularly with eating on night shifts, some people find it easier to eat snackier foods than meals. in other words, if they eat a lunch like they would eat during the day at midnight, it makes them want to take a siesta. so instead of making a big sandwich or something, make it into a wrap and cut it into rounds like you would to serve as an appetizer. that way it can easily be eaten in smaller quantities. again, depends on your hubby.

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3/7/11 4:44 P

For the next few weeks, my husband will be working 4 day nights, 4 days off, 4 day-days. I know that is very hard on the system, but i would think it's also hard on any "healthy eating" plans.

Does anyone swing shift and watch their healthy eating, and if so, are there any tricks?

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