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MAYAPAPAYA150 Posts: 378
1/20/12 2:47 A

i just started swimming and I love it! I feel amazing when I'm done. I am so excited that it is such a good full body workout, and it is so fun you don't even notice! I've been going pretty hard....oh my fun.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/19/12 1:06 P

You'll notice Spark only offers "Swimming - General" with no indication of speed. Yes, you're burning more calories covering more distance in the same time.

You could google other sites that have estimations for swimming and see if you can find an entry based on speed/distance rather than time.

Or you could research and buy a waterproof HRM and wear that while working out.

1/19/12 12:19 P


I have started swimming and the cardio tracker only gives cals burnt for the time. but I am increasing the distance i swim in the same time. Which would mean that I am burning more. how can I calculate this?


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