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12/26/12 2:45 P

There is always chocolate in my office. That makes life very difficult sometimes. I have a note to myself taped to my computer screen frame. It says "NO!" I see it all the time. It doesn't keep me from eating any chocolate, but it does keep me from eating a lot of chocolate.

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12/26/12 1:06 P

My sweet tooth is definitely out of control, as well. My downfall has been having chocolate around where it's easily accessible. I need to either give it away or hide it and conveniently forget where it is. :P

Tomorrow my family is going out of town to celebrate Christmas dinner at my aunt's house, and then on New Year's Day we're celebrating Christmas with my stepmom and her family. That's the problem, in my case - Christmas temptations don't end on the 25th. The snacking opportunities go on for at least a couple weeks. Not to mention all of the chocolate that will be discounted at my work when I go back on Friday. :(

Starting to feel a little hopeless - I think I'll read the sweet tooth article again. And go out and buy some fruit. :)

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12/26/12 12:54 P

last few days yep

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12/26/12 12:26 P

8 different pies?

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12/26/12 11:38 A

just did the take your sweet tooth challenge (or something). my sweet tooth is out of control, according to the quiz. i agree. find myself thinking about sweets and chocolate ALOT. luckily, there was an article on how to break the sugar addiction. anyone else?

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