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6/13/12 11:25 A

While I have a membership to a gym and have lots of nice outdoor areas to run at, I just don't out of convenience of working out at home. I have a treadmill and two 50 lbs adjustable dumbbells. That is all I need and I don't have to leave the house. The workouts shown on this site, along with all the advice of how to do C25K is again, all one needs. So there should be no problem in eating right and working out all while keeping an eye on the family. By the way, you don't even have to invest in the dumbbells. $15 will get you a great set of Resistance bands from Walmart that will take most people up to Resistance that compare to metal weights. Keep the faith.

KCOGSWELL726 Posts: 58
6/13/12 9:36 A

Funny, I just made a bog post on this same subject. Summer is awful for me trying to find someone to watch the kids while I am working. My husband is disabled and can have a stroke at any time so I do not feel secure leaving the kids home with him for a long period of time. My kids also all have ADHD so he doesn't really have the patients for them either. T hey would probably end up giving him a stroke. And as far as eating healthy, if I'm not there, they will be eating what ever they find with no worries as to calories, fat, etc. If you have any suggestions please share.

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6/10/12 6:28 P

Well, good! He can watch the kids while you get some things done!

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6/10/12 5:55 P

not terribly calm lol kidz are drivin me CRAZY and its only June lol

yeah - that bad hehe

well my hubby is mostly at home now cuz his work is more seasonal , like ta work and his other work is sporadic cuz he works asisting an elderly person

so he helps some when hes awake.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,777
6/10/12 4:17 P

Well, then you'll have to make the time. No excuses!

How about before your husband leaves for work, or after he comes home?

I was a sahm too... but I LOVED summer for its casualness and calmness.

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6/10/12 4:05 P

well for me, its much easier when the kidz are in school. we don't have to take the kidz to sports or lots of extra- curricular. my kidz have autism. we take them for 30 min a day (most of the time) and have to keep the kidz from running off when we do.

its more hectic and hardeer for me to exercise. as sahm, its much easier to get exercise and paperwork done during regualar school year.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,777
6/10/12 1:22 P

"But I do remember those days and really, the summers were much easier than the school days"

I agree!
Easier to sleep well, easier to eat well, and easier to get in exercise!

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6/9/12 3:55 P

My kids are now grown up and out of the house, so it's not an issue with me now. But I do remember those days and really, the summers were much easier than the school days, other than when we would go on a vacation somewhere. School days were much more hectic and demanding with all the various activities and projects due that took my attention away from my things. One thing though that I recommend for parents is to send their kids away for a week or two to trusted relatives and/or trusted programs. At that time the parents get a true vacation, quiet time and private time with their spouse(much needed reconnect time without children interference).

Enjoy the summer, keep it up and keep the faith.

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6/9/12 2:18 A

I am just curious how you guys are surviving this summer?

its hectic for me. loads and loads and loads of paperwork - my kidz have autism so paperwork comes with the territory.

would love to know how you're surviving and adapting your healthy lifestyle with the kidz bein home 24/7.


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