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2/26/13 4:51 P

Thanks, MZNAYLUV and ROXIELU0422 for your replies.

Roxie, I dont have any feet issues. I was using regular NB cross trainers before for Zumba and I was fine in those. But since those got worn out, I purchased new pair which is also NB cross trainers, However, with this pair, it is just not right for Zumba. My feet hurt in these when I do zumba. I use the same shoes for other type of exercises and I am fine. Since I love zumba and take 2 classes atleast each week, I feel that I might as well get the right shoes for this activity since my current shoes are absolutely not working for zumba. Hence my quest. Thanks for letting me know the brand you use. It must be fun to be a zumba instructor! I wouldnt have thought that running shoes would work for this activity. I will check out Nike Free as well. Thanks for your input.

ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
2/26/13 10:54 A

A couple of questions for you. Do you have any foot issues? Plantar Fasciatis, Morton's Nueroma? If so, stay FAR away from the actual Zumba shoes on the website and the Nike Musiques.

I have both issues, and am a Zumba instructor. I use the Nike Pegasus running shoe. They have awesome support and it's the only shoe that doesn't mess with my feet. The NIke Free is good as well.

If you don't have foot issues, the Nike Free is great. The lighter the shoe and the less tread they have on them the better they are for movement.

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2/26/13 10:47 A

Nike Musique shoes.

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2/25/13 4:57 P

Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond with suggestions. I will check these out.

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2/24/13 8:59 A

My friend who actually makes her living as a Zumba instructor swears by Skechers cross-trainers.

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2/24/13 8:21 A

I've been wearing the Ryka Studio D's for about 2 years. I only use them for my Zumba classes and they are still in good shape. They are a great shoe for Zumba, but maybe they aren't are pretty as some of the other shoes out there. Some of the girls in my classes got Reebok zigs. They all loved them at first, but then they all hated them after a few classes - I don't think they hold up well. I like my current Rykas so much I am thinking of getting a pair of the "Transitions" when I can catch them on sale - they are a bit cuter and get good reviews. I got my shoes at - they run some good sales if you get on their emailing list -

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2/24/13 6:40 A


Here's an article about what to look for with this type of activity.<

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2/24/13 3:14 A

Does anyone have any suggestions for what would be a good type of shoes for doing zumba? Are there specific zumba shoes or most people using regular athletic shoes? I checked out some dance shoes which are pricey so I continue to use my regular cross trainer but that leaves my feet in pain and also affects my knees. Has any particular brand worked well for anyone?

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