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MRSG942011 Posts: 464
1/30/12 3:53 P

I am right there with you! But ask yourself this, are you more fit? Lifting more? I know I am. So part of plateau is muscle gain! But, to speed up loss, a few nights a week I do low carb dinner. Also, try to some days stay on lower end of calorie needs per tracker. Hang in there, yo u can do this!

MYRAL85 Posts: 260
1/30/12 11:09 A

I recently experienced the same thing for two solid weeks. It really started to get depressing since I was on plan. For no apparent reason, this morning the scale moved downward. I went back and looked over what I was eating for the last week. My carbs were within range, but on the high end for a couple of days. I think what finally moved the scale was more vigorous exercise yesterday. I have decided to keep my carbs on the lower end of the scale by decreasing starchy unrefined carbs a little in the evening and to stay off the scale. I was weighing myself almost every day. Taught me a good lesson.

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6/7/11 5:58 P

How I got over my 3 month plateau--I looked at what I was eating and improved it. I switched to soy because I felt like it improved digestion. I switched to sprouted wheat bread--Ezekiel--for the same reason. Things I thought were healthy, I improved upon. I also read a book "Blood Types, Body Types and You" and that gave me some ideas on firing up my metabolism.

It forced me to think creatively.

I continued working out 3 times a week during the 3 months and my weight did not change. I weighed 157 at the time. I am actually surprised I stuck with it.

You can do it, just think outside the box, look at things you can change. The articles on busting a plateau are really good. Lots of creative solutions.

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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,295
6/2/11 12:42 P

Fage Greek Yogurt & fresh berries for breakfast & a cup of green tea
22 Unsalted Almonds at 10AM
1 Can of Tuna in Oil not drained over 3 cups of lettuce, 10 grape tomatoes, 1 bread stick @ noon (Use some fresh squeezed lemon Juice if needed on the tuna salad)
1 Hard boiled egg and 6 baby carrots @ 3PM
2 Chicken legs without skin and 2 cups of brocolli

This will get you started losing again.....add an apple if your still hungry o the same for day two an bake the apple. The scale will move.....good luck an let me know how many lbs you lose in two days

EMAVERICK Posts: 7,229
6/1/11 1:16 P

I reward myself for keeping to my plan, with something that isn't food, like some new beads to string or a trip to a bookstore :)

That time of the month, sore muscles retaining water, all sorts of things can cause a blip on the scale that is not real :)

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6/1/11 9:17 A


Below is a link to the first in a three part series called Plateau Busters that may give you some better insight as to how to bust through those frustrating plateaus. I hope this helps!


KMCGILL828 SparkPoints: (15,020)
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6/1/11 9:12 A

What do you do to past a plateau in your weight?

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