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1/30/13 3:35 P

Jody CAN do it! emoticon

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1/30/13 1:06 P

thank you all for your good advice, sometimes I think you just need to hear what you already know from someone else. I will continue what I'm doing and add in some other measurements, and maybe mix up my routine some. I sure is great to have so many people to turn to for advice. thanks again, I will be looking for more posts

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1/30/13 12:56 P

over 2 years ago when I started to add exercise. (I had been maintaining a stead weight for over a year) I ended up GAINING weight the first 2 MONTHS! Then I had to look REALLY closely to my foods and actual amounts and found I needed smaller portions and the weight started to fall off.
I got real close to my goal, but the last 6 months it seems to be creaping back up on the scale. SO I was able to order a new set of workouts and started them last week. Things are going better again.
Just keep working on it. The scales will go up and down. As long as there are more downs than ups. If this continues for months, I would see the Dr.

A friend recently bought one of the fitbits and she said it has really helped her realize how much she was actually burning in a day, and had to up her caloires and eat more. Now the weight is falling off again.


1/30/13 12:49 P

It can be frustrating (understatement) when you're doing everything right and the scales aren't reflecting much progress. You're building muscle, though, and you're getting healthier. You're probably losing fat, but the scales just don't show it yet. I know it's tough, but take pride in what you've accomplished so far and don't give up.

What helps me sometimes is to just type something like "health benefits of exercise" into my browser and read about all the good things that are happening inside on a biological level. You're making your body happy, even if the scales aren't making your mind happy.

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1/30/13 11:46 A


Do you mean 2 lbs a week? By your ticker you've lose about 3-4 lbs since you started in Jan.

You've only got 30 lbs to lose based on your ticker goal.

I'd say you're going at a good pace. This isn't the Biggest Loser where you should expect to lose high numbers every week.

You're doing great - don't try to rush the process you'll be better off for it.

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1/30/13 11:41 A

It can take 4-6 weeks for many people to see scale weight come off. It is also not uncommon for your muscles to hold on to water when starting a new fitness program. Keep tracking and making sure you're creating a caloric deficit. Find non-scale measures to use as well. Do you clothes feel better? Are your energy levels up? How do you feel? Be sure to take pic as your progress (I use wich I had) and measurements. The scale is not the only way to judge progress, and, in fact, can be the most misleading and discouraging.

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1/30/13 11:29 A

Hi all,
I am terribly frustrated today, I have been at it since the first of the year, starting weight 180, 5'5". I have been following my low sodium, heart healthy nutrition plan and walking / circuit training and doing yoga. My weight loss has been very minimal, at the most 2 lbs, and thats if I stand just right on the scale. How on earth can this be??? Does anyone else have this problem? I feel like going to the doctor and telling him he better find something wrong with me. LOL any thoughts would be greatly appreciaterd.

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