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Your question reminds me of what happened to my mother many years ago.

When she was in her very early 30's, her church formed 2 women's Sunday school classes -- one for those under 30 and one for those over 30. The even called the one group the "Young Women's Class." The funny thing was that those under-30 women would never "graduate" and move to the mature women's class.

Being honest about her age, Mom joined the older women's group, as one of its youngest members. Over the years, that mature women's class just got older and smaller as its members died off -- and the average age of the "Young Women's Class" got higher and higher.

Eventually, a new generation of women under 30 formed another class with a different name -- as the "young women" in the original class looked kind'a silly calling themselves "young."

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I think you just go to your spark teams tab and remove those teams from your list of teams.

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1/2/12 2:46 P

How do you leave a group that you feel you no longer fit in to? for instance I am no longer a 30 something.

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