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HOLLY228301 Posts: 148
7/30/12 11:18 A

Luann I wouldn't mind taking a walk with SD unless i am getting STRESSED over SD... I guess it sounded kinda mean the way i posted it... sorry...

LUCITAK Posts: 14
7/29/12 12:45 P

Just recently I lost a few pounds then a family member passed away. Between family visiting, funeral and everything in between I regained the weight plus a few. I felt selfish to talk about my diet needs while others dealt with loss. It seemed the more I stressed about eating badly, the more I ate.

I am still on this roller coaster.

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7/28/12 7:52 P

Whether it is stress, boredom, etc. it makes no difference, it is feeding something other than hunger. Each of us have to slay those imaginary dragons. Blaming it on your SD is worse yet. Not only have you found a reason to do something you know is wrong or bad for you, you are directing the blame onto someone else.

It doesn't matter if it's a SD or a blood daughter, kids bring on stress. Heck, having no kids bring on stress. You just have to control your own self and not let life dictate to you when and what to eat or how to act. If you don't, you are going to set yourself and everyone around you up for a miserable time.

You do know that there really is no such thing as gravity, right?.........The earth just sucks. ;-) Now get over it. Keep the faith.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,429
7/28/12 1:32 P

"just hope that SD doesn't wanna tag along!"

Why not?
It might be the perfect opportunity to get to know her better....

HOLLY228301 Posts: 148
7/27/12 2:33 P

congrats dragonchilde on the weight loss! and good advice.... I hope i can do that... those brownies or bowl of cereal look REALLY tempting when i am under stress... i think i will go on a walk next time... just hope that SD doesn't wanna tag along!

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7/26/12 9:52 P

By redirecting my initial stress response into something more constructive. If I'm annoyed and stressed, I go for a walk now, or lift some weights, read a book, post on Sparkpeople... anything but grab a donut.

HOLLY228301 Posts: 148
7/26/12 10:49 A

being a step mom is ULTRA stressful... does anyone else eat when stressed? how do you cope?

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