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4/14/15 8:48 P

Dealing with stress due to death of DH and the scale is going the wrong way
Prayers and Quiet is helping however moments of memories can overwhelm
Will give myself time one day at a time
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7/31/14 11:58 A

thanks, do have best friend. we get together when she isn't working and talk on the phone every night. I need my own quiet place or a place to scream some times cause life can be hard. its i00 percent better than work was but I still find things take stress me. again thanks for your replys

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7/31/14 2:21 A

I agree about the weight-o-genic effects of stress.

Do you have any allies who can help you deal with the stressful situation? Getting support can help, too.

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7/30/14 9:52 P

Stress is definitely something that causes you to "gain" (usually just water retention).

I've found just 10 minutes of quiet meditation can alleviate a lot of stressful emotions. emoticon

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7/30/14 7:44 P

last two weeks I have been stressing out about medicare stuff and trying to get life insurance I can afford because my 15 yr term ended..i gained this week and that's the only reason I can think I gained. any suggestions. I am trying so hard to at least lose a pound and it doesn't want to happen.

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