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11/27/12 9:11 A

If you've been cleared to exercise and have no huge issues with balance, I'd suggest (as others have) checking out the videos here on spark for ideas. Then, go to the library and check out the book The New Rules of Lifting for Women by Lou Schuler (I made the assumption you're a female, but if not they make a men's version too). They have illustrations of all the moves and routines already spelled out for you. While you may not be able to do some of the moves due to lack of equipment, you'd be able to teach yourself quite a bit before you ran out of options. That book TOTALLY changed the way I look at strength training! It will educate you on how to put a balanced workout together, and which muscle groups are affected by each exercise. I'd also recommend another book in the same series by the same author, The New Rules of Lifting for Life. It's geared more toward keeping those of us middle-aged and above functionally strong and healthy. Be forewarned, however, that some of the balance and agility moves are tough---the warmup routine wore me out the first few weeks or so into the program, but I've seen a lot of progress there too.

If you spend a half hour 3 times a week doing a full body workout, you'll be amazed at the progress you'll's WELL worth the time and effort to learn!

JKW1957 Posts: 185
11/26/12 10:01 P

I'm 55 yr. old. I have been doing P90X. I can't exercise everyday due to my work schedule. So I can't do the program as prescribed, but I rotate through the different muscle groups on the days I can work out. It has forced me to really work all muscle groups and I feel like I'm really getting stronger.

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11/26/12 11:57 A

Yoga is a good option!!

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11/25/12 6:21 A

At age 50, I took Bill Phillips book, "Body for Life" to our local fitness club weight room to learn how to lift weights. I felt really stupid reading a book in front of other young, buff people who were lifting, but it worked. The book gave me the guideline I needed to make a plan that fit my body, size, age, and weights that I could lift. I cannot recommend his book highly enough. You might find the same information on his website.

I hate lifting weights, after having done it off and on for 30 years, but decided it is a necessity and I can no longer afford to skip those exercises. A little of it a couple of times a week can bring great benefit.

As a private pilot, I need to be strong enough to push and pull my plane in and out of my hangar by myself. Some maneuvers (steep 60 degree turns) also require arm, muscle strength. I have to lift weights to maintain what strength I have left.

Good for you for the decision to get moving. Find lots of advice and support here at SP.

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11/25/12 12:54 A

In the SparkPeople Fitness section, you can also find exercises you can pick for upper body, core and lower body. Those exercises ALL give you a button you can click to show you how to do it. You can use this information to set up your own full body strength training by picking 3-4 exercises for upper, lower and core, that use varying muscles.

The Fitness section is a valuable resource. Do some reading first in the articles section, check out some of the SparkPeople videos AND exercises.

Hope this helps!

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11/24/12 2:50 P

If you are in reasonably good health with no medical issues or physical limitations, you might try some of Coach Nicole's online videos. She has a bunch of short 10-15 minute strength workouts posted in the fitness section you could try. watch them to see what types of exercises she uses.

DVDs are more difficult since there aren't a whole lot of strength DVDs out there in general. Yes, there is the 30 Day Shred, but I wouldn't recommend that for someone who's an older beginner. You may consider it way too intense to start.

You might try this DVD for women over 50. See if your local library has them to borrow before you buy them. You may find you don't like them.


I'd also recommend joining SERGEANTMAJORs resistance band team. He's got a bunch of beginner workouts posted that you can do at home with just the bands and body weight exercises. People of all ages and abilities can use resistance bands to get a good strength workout.

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HEALTHY4ME Posts: 4,468
11/24/12 1:15 P

I don't know where to start, I am a beginner and really would like some ideas on videos that I can put in the dvd and follow along, I have 10, 5, and 3 lbs weights. I am nearly 56 and know that it is a necessity but other than reg. arm ex. I haven't a clue so I just don't start.

Any ideas on videos I can try and or buy... I don't have room to exercise in my puter area so need something to take to the tv area. Thanks

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